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Summer Bags

by:Bestway     2020-06-05
If you like your oversized bag, why not buy a similar bag in different shades? So this is a great place to find pink blue or lemonyellow style.
Or, this season, despite the color of summer, why not choose fresh white? A white bag will be a great investment in the coming seasons and will be able to carry almost anything with you (
Just keep it without stains).
For the best white bag of the season, look at faith (Around 70 euros)
Or John Rocha from Debenhams who has a great Brecan canvas messenger bag (€90).
In order to get a big investment, buy the snake skin and leather bag of Jimmy Choo Lolha (from €2,172. 62).
I also like the white patent Miu bubugatti glazed leather tote bag (€911. 470 both at ).
OK, that\'s the color of the way, but what style score is high next season and people no longer see it carrying a fancy \"it\" package.
But practical (not flash)
Is the look to aim.
Enter the proper chic satchel.
Almost every big designer has created one this season.
Chlo é\'s is a vintage style in nude leather, Chanel has a bukle wool style and Louis Vuitton has a letter combination, as expected.
At high street, Marks & Spencer is buying very classic satchels for 100 euros, and Hobbs is buying a gorgeous satchels called hampleather for euro
If you\'re looking for something more fascinating, say \"yes\" to the quilting bag, but probably not for those with chain straps --
Even Chanel introduced a more concise version this time.
Gucci gave them future barrels of cotton, and Luella gave her Lady cotton --like, Fifties-style ones.
For those of you who want to express in bold style, you can try a tramp bag.
Yeah your eyes are not cheating you
The Tramp bag is back.
In May Mark and Spencer will start a full
In the attack, you should see the most ridiculed hand.
Free storage solutions make it a must for fashionhave.
The new Marks & Spencer bum package will be washed-leather-
Polyurethane effect.
And its main compartment (
With security zipper)
It also has two extra pockets, one for the Jazz. up with on-
Trend of metal rivets
Within a limited range, the tramp bag will be retail for 25 euros.
With stars like Rihanna and Katie Perry wearing them recently, fashion experts predict it will look big this summer.
You were warned.
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