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summer bling bling: pay attention to metallic fashion!

by:Bestway     2020-07-05
By Yin Xina/translated by Chloe rhyme]
Metal item is especially shiny in summer because it is very cold
The feeling material attracts the eyes of people who are hot sunshine and hot fatigue in summer.
From silver to gold, various metal fashion items have been launched, becoming one of the hottest fashion trends this summer.
It seems difficult to match metal materials with other items, but we can create a stylish eye
We can see it if we wear it right.
A metal item can change the overall mood of the style and finish the look.
This is why they are loved by many celebrities who are famous for fashion.
From Kim Sa rang to Kahi, we have collected the best celebrities to wear metal.
As one of the popular trends in summer, many new metal products have been introduced and loved by many fashion people.
From shorts to skirts to tops, the types and designs of metal fashion items have become more diverse this summer than ever before, but metal styling remains a tough challenge for many.
We can get some great tips from the real life of celebritiesway looks.
Actress Jin Sha rings to finish her stylish look with metal shorts and skirts.
She created a simple, avant-garde style with a basic black t-
She wore shirts and metal shorts for the movie premiere.
At another event, Kim, wearing a white shirt and a golden skirt, highlights her modern charm.>>> Eye-
Grab the metal bag if you are still not confident about the styling skills of the metal clothing, then start with the metal accessories.
The metal handbag itself has a stylish look.
Although you are not a styling expert, you can easily create a stylish metallic look with a handle bag.
When you feel your night-
The equipment is so simple, take a silver handbag.
Kahi wore a basic khaki cloth T-shirt.
The shirt and leather skinny jeans add a subtle avant-garde to her natural look with a unique golden handbag.
She also finished her look with metal-inlaid high heels to make her look more partylooking.
> Perfect your look with metal shoes!
Metal high heels are one of the items that inject life and energy into the overall look.
If the metal dress is too much for you, then try the metal shoes.
Metal sandals and Walkers always look beautiful no matter which item you match.
But they are stylish and unique in style.
Metal shoes in stripes-
Create your own sheet and clutch bag in a metal style.
Stylenanda\'s staff said, \"it is not easy to design the style of metal items due to metal materials.
But if you learn more and focus less on styling, you can create a chic metallic look.
Match your metal items with basic, simple clothing. (
Stylenanda photos of Bntnews DB)
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