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the big little bag debate: micro minis versus maxi holdalls - the season\'s hottest handbags are total opposites

by:Bestway     2020-04-05
Fashion is known for making mistakes in extreme ways.
When it decided that Bardot was the neckline of jour, the stick was exposed over the capital.
When it orders that the sleeve should be a statement, the shoulders and hands disappear accordingly.
For several seasons, the God of fashion has instructed its most loyal followers to exchange their sanity --
Only bags the size of an iPhone and an American Express card.
We listen with due diligence.
In the huge accessories hall of selfridges, the mini-bag makes up a huge two-
Third place for all sales.
\"Mini bags are now the most popular style we sell, and there are hundreds of options in our store,\" said accessories director Eleanor Robinson . \".
\"I think women like them because they feel they are more special than bigger, more practical styles.
A mini bag just fits your essentials, not carrying more than you really need.
If you want to know what the mini bag is made of, Selfridges will calculate 10-
15 cm, depth 8-
The ideal size is 13 cm.
Smaller than a cross.
The body is bigger than the wallet and there is plenty of room for your iPhone, keys, bank cards, and maybe lipstick.
J. is currently the best seller. W.
Anderson\'s mini Pierce bag and Stella McCartney\'s baby Bella, the fastest in summer-
It\'s half a mini bag.
Chloe\'s Moon Nile
\"We sold out all the styles and colors in four weeks,\" Robinson added . \" The store launched Chloe pop in June-
Shop in its accessories hall dedicated to this style.
Other brands in small-
Accessories on the scale include Fendi (pe) and Valentino (Valentino), the former offering Peekaboo and Baguette bags with mini or even Mini, and the latter\'s inlaid phase bags bag in
Roland Murray also embraced micro this month.
Pack movement, reducing his iconic classic bag to a smaller scale, while cult New York label Mansur Gavriel adds three new sunny colors to its palm
Baby Bucket bag size is provided.
Obviously, the small bag is a big business.
However, fashion also has a habit of contradiction with itself.
At the other end of the spectrum, bags large enough to comfortably accommodate your kitchen sink are also a hot topic of the season.
Starting with a striped leather shopper at Balenciaga, this is such a popular bag --
After that, crowds of fashion students began looking for plastic replicas at laundromat and market stalls up and down the East End. High-
Practical street vendor because of its huge red high heels heat-and-
White striped canvas shoppers, in backpacks and day-
Travelers like Eagles
Eye-sensitive shoppers may have discovered that Mango\'s spacious monochrome XXL leather shoppers will be shopping in the New Rainbow
This fall, the stripes are incarnated.
Demna Gvasalia, creative director of Balenciaga, is unwilling to fall behind, and he gives fashion ho merchants something else to get them marabou feathers and polka dot silk in a similar oversized sack form next season.
Phoebe Philo of Phoebe
The designer who launched the trend of thousands of bags-
She was also involved in the debate, launching her cave-like and proper name called the big bag.
As it will be launched in September, those who have the £ 3,700 needed for such a magnificent monster will be given many opportunities in the 21 st century Mary Poppins moment.
If you still can\'t decide whether to go to micro or maxi next season, it\'s worth consulting Johnny Coca, who has made a wise decision to offer both in his latest mulberry Berry series
To prove how far this pack brand has monopolized the era of armed swindlers around the capital from the best-selling Bayswater, its AW17 T-Series offers a rich bag style, across all the personalities and proportions from super
Small to large.
For those who like to travel (very)
Light, its coin purse
Small luggage and luggage with one hand
Free wristband while stylish handbag lady must carry large Brimley tote bag.
As for those who like to keep the option open, there is a spacious Amberley Hobo with a matching baby satchel on the front and you can take it when you want to lighten the burdenSize matters -
At least for your arm candy.
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