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To enter the foreign trade industry of handbag manufacturer, you need to master these skills!


To enter the foreign trade industry of handbag manufacturer, you need to master these skills!

What should I do if my handbag or leather goods are automatically transferred? The entire cleaning process is almost complete?

How much is a flat leather canvas handbag today? High imitation is commonly used in various occasions.

Is the flat leather canvas handbag made of environmentally friendly materials or has a black and white flip head.

What are the cleaning methods for flat leather canvas handbags? After answering this question, you may as well believe in answering it.

The purpose of the new environmentally friendly canvas handbag is to be made of canvas material, which has good waterproofing, waterproofing, and smoothness.

Compared with leading non-woven fabric production enterprises, customized belts, car version heads, and other bags are particularly important. Due to the leading production mode of non-woven fabrics, it is rare to produce bags.

In addition, compared to leading non-woven fabric production enterprises, half of the bags are not as exquisite as non-woven fabric production, but they have excellent workmanship and are relatively cheap.

For example, adding currencies such as "special prices" to the bag, and then positioning the price more favorable, with prices ranging from $30 to $5, each bag has a different outfit.

In addition, due to its rounded size, clothing companies such as shoe and luggage can better customize it. After all, the quantity is limited and there are not many orders in the factory. Therefore, designers are more professional in adopting customized methods, from materials, dimensions, beautifully printed fabrics, design drawings, customers, choices, etc., to ensure the quality of the fabric more effectively.

When choosing environmentally friendly leather materials, customized leather materials are the only ones that are environmentally friendly. Fabric is an environmentally friendly raw material for luggage, so customization is also environmentally friendly.

Personalized customization of over a hundred is an era of trend, and the functionality and characteristics of bags with different designs also vary. To purchase personalized bags, you only need to provide a complete set of cosmetics customized in size, from design to mass production, customized on time and in quantity, and the quality requirements are fully met.

There are many types of fabrics available for customization of luggage, and the texture and price of different fabrics vary greatly. The quality of luggage products produced may also vary due to material differences, but without exception.

How to remove the odor from newly purchased bags? Newly purchased bags may have a slight odor to some extent, but these are all normal. Don't worry about being fake because leather bags are made of genuine leather, so if you make them new, they will naturally have a slight odor

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