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unboxing magic: designer handbag purchases transformed into performance art

by:Bestway     2020-07-05
The YouTube video begins with a pleasant story about a vacation to Madrid.
The narrator is a woman with a briskly British accent, who does not use the memory of a plate filled with paella to stir up the interest of the audience, nor does she paint the city\'s geography in words.
Instead, the only thing on the screen is an oversized white Prada shopping bag, with its matching rope handle tied together with a silky white ribbon printed with the name of the luxury brand.
All of these details are important as this is a video about the details. Tedious. Precious. Beloved.
This video is almost pornographic.
Peeping was created by a Londoner named Eleasha Ajadi.
This is a celebration of fashion, a tribute to consumerism, a dream come true.
Here, in the cultural swamp of YouTube, the experience of buying a $2,600 handbag in six minutes and two seconds is affectionately celebrated.
This is a video of unpacking.
That\'s how it sounds.
The long-awaited purchase will be removed from the package.
It was checked, appreciated, and discussed in lengthy Consumer Reports, a bit of a monologue.
The reborn technicians opened up the latest Apple devices and were soon accepted by sneakerheads and toy lovers. the reborn video also became the Hermes and Louis Vuitton of Chanel\'s loyal consumers.
They have become the mainstay of YouTube.
During the festival, their popularity soared and their excitement stirred ripples in the hearts of millions of fashion\'s most passionate and ambitious consumers.
Dave Rosener, senior vice president, said this type is \"monster\"
Marketing President of ZEFR, a technology company that analyzes YouTube content.
This year, there are 316,000 unboxing videos on Youtube. 6 billion views(
In contrast, the ALS ice bucket challenge triggered 245,000 videos, attracting one. 4 billion views)
So far, more than 8.
According to ZEFR, more than 3 million people watched more than 1,600 videos showing quality goods.
The most common brands are international brands, as does the trend.
Emilie Clark unpacks a giant flip bag of beige caviar leather Chanel.
The audience could not see Clark\'s face in the video;
Only her voice was heard.
Occasionally, her husband\'s voice is heard.
He\'s a lovely soul.
She\'s her photographer.
Eyes follow her fingers with their berries
Color manicure when they dance on the surface of the box.
She discussed its important weight, the beauty of the white artificial Camellia decorated on the top, and the fact that the tape that put the tissue lining together was printed with the Chanel name.
When Clark took out the small white envelope containing her receipt, the camera zoomed in on the lens-a box-breaking ceremony to verify that it was indeed a genuine purchase from Chanel\'s actual counter, not from eBay.
Dust cover is described.
Advantages of double-
Evaluate the flap style on a single flap.
Clark shared that the chain shoulder strap of the bag could damage the leather if it was not properly stored.
Then, the bag is as admirable as the hand-made sculpture of Dega.
This seems to be a good time to pause and resolve this issue.
The obvious question is: why?
Why would someone bother to create and upload a video of themselves opening their handbag and, more importantly, why would someone take the time to watch it?
There are both practical and practical reasons.
They are talking about a desire to brag, a need to understand, and a lasting belief in the magic of fashion.
\"I like to be a source for someone,\" Clark, 27, explained . \".
\"Before I buy anything, I\'ll see if there\'s a video on YouTube.
I like to see those things.
A few years ago, after buying a Louis Vuitton Express handbag, she began to contribute to the YouTube information tank.
Clark didn\'t rehearse what she was going to say, but she was good at impromptu reviews because she was a record jockey at the local radio station in Vancouver, where she was born
\"I tried to keep [the video]
So that\'s what it is.
If you want to take the box out of the bag and fumble, you should show it.
I remember watching girls [In other videos]
It\'s hard to open that wing and I did.
\"Dear shopper, this is an important message for Chanel consumers.
Clark believes that authenticity is the key to any successful video, even more so for unpacking videos.
Like everything online, there are some unpacked videos filled with characters, and their grandiose charades are an almost veiled audition for their own reality show.
The comments under these videos are like verbal grenades fired, causing the greatest mental damage.
But in other videos, the enthusiasm is obvious.
Merry Christmas and Happy Birthday to everyone. “Enjoy!
\"God bless,\" read the review.
There is a community without boxers.
After getting their coveted handbag, they shared it with a group of very appreciative viewers.
They exchange money. saving tips. Meet-
Go shopping.
\"It\'s good to get feedback from people who have real passion [
Designer handbags.
My friend is not concerned about the designer\'s products.
\"They just thought I was well maintained,\" Ajadi, 28, said with a smile . \".
She was born and raised in London and still lives in London.
She works as the Duchess of fashion in digital marketing and blogging.
Her first unpacking video was her Louis Vuitton Speedy 30 handbag in which she thought to the audience, \"Can you believe my town is a Louis Vuitton bag?
\"No, her users can\'t. (
Louis Vuitton declined to comment on such a favorite analysis of its bags. )
Ajadi purchased her Prada Saffiano tote bag at Terminal 5 at London Heathrow Airport to save on VAT
She got a tip from someone else\'s unboxing video.
She explained the label for British Airways, \"I was unable to check in because it was a delicate thing.
I took it away as a hand luggage.
\"The acquisition of the bag reached its end, when it was finally pulled out of the dust cover, there was no drum roll, but rather the equivalent of\" ta-da.
\"Luxury brands usually wrap their products in such reverence that opening them actually requires an audience.
The boxes are so sturdy that they can be used as small bags.
They are not the kind of expansion and need to insert tab A Into Slot B.
The handbag was stuffed into a thick cotton dust jacket and wrapped in thin paper.
Accompanying literary works, as well as clever photography detailing the myth of bag structure, are printed on heavy inventory.
The box itself is-
It appears even when it is not a gift.
The brand\'s name is printed on the shopping bag.
Packaging is part of the luxury experience, equivalent to entertainment --
The food before the meal-we took pictures of the disgusting things.
If no one else had witnessed this abundance, would its value be reduced? Perhaps.
Open unpacking is a declaration.
\"It\'s kind of like a statement: I didn\'t buy my used item from eBay or I didn\'t put it around my house,\" Ajadi said . \" Like other non-boxers in this story, the representative of her beloved brand has never been contacted. The bag is new. Enviable. Mine.
As a study, executives at luxury companies sometimes quietly-anonymously --
Use the unpacking video to record whether the salesperson is doing justice for the brand
Don\'t skim over the ribbon, including all the glossy literature to make the purchase experience special.
Rosner says the videos are the window to learn about the parts that make people most excited about the shopping experience.
\"It\'s not like putting people in focus groups,\" Rosner said . \".
\"The level of integrity is a new platform.
These videos alternately spoil the brand and confuse them.
After all, these videos add to the brand\'s mystery when buyers are intoxicated with the camera.
Or, when shoppers start talking about dollars and cents, they can unveil the mystery of it.
About Money
If you have to ask the price, says Ajadi . . . . . . \"Hermes, Chanel, they like the real exclusive, not to mention the price . \".
\"They like to keep quiet and quiet.
\"Curious shoppers will not be able to find the famous Kelly or Burkin bag if they browse the Hermes website.
They can find used Birkins for sale on eBay or 1st Dibs.
But what exactly is a new one?
On the YouTube channel, you can watch the video starring the tall man, the elegant black woman, her roots in Jamaica, but living in Germany, she started to get involved in YouTube, keep in touch with your sister who lives in New York.
Uxuxebabe works in a stylish way, so only \"Yolanda\" will be offered as her real name so as not to mix her professional life with her private life.
The unpacking of her Hermes Birkin has accumulated more than 48,000 views.
\"A lot of people are afraid to walk into the store and ask questions,\" she said . \".
\"I tried to reply to them about the bag and the price.
\"Uxuxebabe shared that she paid 7,100 euros for her blue Birkin, which was about $8,100.
There was a waiting list for Burkin and it took her two years to get there.
These people who are not angry are not ho Bao.
They don\'t walk-
There are thousands of designer handbags in the wardrobe.
These purchases are still rare and must be tasted.
Ajadi estimates she has about seven bags.
Clark thinks she has five or six children.
\"It will take a while to get a bag to accumulate cash,\" Clark said . \" She bought the Chanel bag for over $5,000.
According to ZEFR, Chanel is the most popular brand in the field of luxury unpacking, representing 23% of luxury unpacking videos. (The Paris-
The US-based design company did not comment on its advantage of unpacking. )
Followed by Gucci (13 percent), Hermes (9 percent)
Louis Vuitton (8 percent).
7% of the videos have Prada.
\"I was so poor since I was a child.
Very, very poor.
\"Sometimes there is not enough money for food,\" said Trina Leavers, 53 . \".
\"In movies, sometimes you find [a Chanel bag]
It shows that you have succeeded, or that you are a lady.
Very classic.
\"School leavers were born on the East End of London, alternating between Sydney, Australia and the UK-first with their parents and later with their husbands.
She left school at the age of 12 and worked in a sandwich shop at home.
But over the years, she and her husband have invested in real estate.
They made money. Lots of money.
At the age of 38, she bought her first brand handbag, Louis Vuitton.
\"When I was 17 years old, I watched a movie, and Cheryl Lade got off the train with a whole set of Louis Vuitton luggage.
I think one day, God bless me, I will get it . \"
Now, the residents of Sussex are addicted to Chanel.
\"My friends may spend thousands on overseas vacations and I\'m happy for them,\" Leavers said . \".
\"This is where I choose to spend money.
Because I don\'t like to fly, I don\'t like to go on vacation overseas.
I like beautiful handbags.
There was a time when the school leavers forgot a little. so.
She bought four Hermes bags.
They are too many. Not her style.
She was almost robbed. She sold them.
She is so loyal to Chanel that the sales staff at the Bond Street store in London-they know her video --
Invite her to the fashion show there.
\"It\'s great,\" Leavers said . \"
\"I think I belong to the crowd.
\"My family is the world for me.
I would never be in debt for a bag, \"said levers.
\"But no matter what happiness brings to you, you should be allowed to entertain as long as you don\'t hurt anyone.
So after a satisfying shopping trip, she put her little Canon digital camera on a tripod and opened the box.
There was a big smile on her face.
Sometimes she is very excited to do a little dance.
Thousands of people shared her excitement.
She was intoxicated with their carnival.
The school leavers said: \"I got great happiness when I watched others happy.
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