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website slammed for selling ‘sickening’ auschwitz-themed miniskirts, pillows and tote bags

by:Bestway     2020-06-08
A website has been attacked for selling pictures of fashion and household items decorated with unforgettable photos of Auschwitz.
A memorial page in the concentration camp slammed the red bubble in the online market as it sold \"disturbing\" and \"disrespectful\" items online.
Auschwitz Memorial account wrote on Twitter: \"You really think selling products with pictures of Auschwitz such as pillows, mini skirts or handbags --
A place of great human tragedy where more than 1 million people have been murderedis acceptable?
\"This is rather disturbing and disrespectful.
\"They included some photos of Auschwitz --
The themed products available on the site include a £ 30 mini skirt with black and white images of the Nazi camp.
Another product available is a £ 34 pillow that shows the famous train tracks leading to the concentration camp.
Red Bubble is a global online market for users
For products submitted, each seller creates a separate store and uploads its own item.
A £ 11 is also listed on the website.
90 tote bags with Auschwitz logo and a 17 pound.
Show 50 coffee cups in the camp.
These products have now been removed from the website.
Auschwitz is the largest Nazi death camp and the most terrible mass murder scene in human history.
During the Holocaust, millions of people-the vast majority of them Jews-were killed in this huge complex.
When the mass killings peaked, as many as 6,000 Jews were added gas every day, including:
The weapon of choice is based on pesticide Zyklon B.
Many people have said on Twitter that they are disgusted with the products, and some have described them as \"disgusting \".
Someone wrote: \"It turned my stomach.
Another added: \"this one. Is. Not.
One user agreed, saying: \"This is wrong on such a multi-level.
Someone slammed the product and commented, \"I can\'t believe it.
This is too disrespectful.
How do they do this for families who have lost their loved ones. Sickening.
A spokesman for the red bubble told the mythical number: \"The red bubble is the owner of an online market, and independent users are responsible for the pictures they upload.
\"Redbubble has strong guidelines and policies that can be found in our Redbubble community guidelines and user agreements, and a dedicated team dedicated to proactively reviewing and removing content that does not comply with our policies.
\"Redbubble took a strong stand against racism and violence, including atrocities committed in Nazi concentration camps.
\"If community members find that works that violate these guidelines have not yet been removed by our team, we have the live reporting feature.
We are grateful when any such material on the website is brought to our attention.
\"We have taken immediate action to remove these pieces found at the Auschwitz memorial and continue our efforts to ensure that we keep the offending content of this nature away from Redbubble.
\"Previously, a family sparked anger after a disgusting joke about the Auschwitz concentration camp.
Ignorant tourists were attacked for insulting Holocaust victims with sick selfies in Auschwitz.
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