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weight of school bags for students fixed

by:Bestway     2020-06-30
On Saturday, a notice from the Delhi government said that the weight of the Delhi school bag had been officially determined.
It said that the schoolbags of class 1 and Class 2 students should not exceed 1. 5 kg;
Class III to V (2-3 kg), Classes VI-VII (4 kg), Classes VIII—IX (4. 5 kg), and Class X (5 kg).
The notice also requires the school not to assign any homework to children in class one and class two.
It requires the school to inform students in advance of the books and notebooks to be brought to the school on a certain day.
Following the order of the center the decision of the Delhi education bureau follow the order and guidelines of the center to limit the weight of the I-class bagX.
\"Heavy schoolbags pose a serious threat to health and health
It is a student of the school.
This has a serious adverse physical impact on growing children and may cause damage to their spine and knees, \"said Circle.
According to the notice, the load on the schoolbag has increased, bringing textbooks, tour guides, homework/class homework notebooks, rough homework notebooks, water bottles, lunch boxes, and sometimes heavy schoolbags themselves.
\"Schools under the Education Bureau must follow the textbooks prescribed by SCERT, NCERT and CBSE.
The number of teaching materials in each class shall not exceed the number specified by the statutory body.
The head of the school and teachers should organize
\"Design a schedule for each class so that children don\'t have to bring too many books to school,\" the notice said . \".
It also said that reading library books and participating in creative and cooperative activities such as games, sports, art and culture
Curriculum activities for all-round development of students must be encouraged.
Three teaching materials]
Hindi, English and math
Classes I and II have been specified.
There should be no homework for these classes, \"it said.
\"According to the course, classes six to X set out six textbooks
\"Three textbooks in three languages, one in mathematics, science and social research,\" the notice said . \".
\"There should be a notebook for exercises, projects, unit tests, experiments, etc for each subject.
Students need to bring according to the schedule.
Students should not be required to bring additional books and additional materials to the school.
Students should always carry bags with two straps and should not hang them on one shoulder.
Students should drop bags while waiting for school transportation or school rallies, \"it added.
Earlier this week, the federal Department of Human Resources Development asked states and the University of Science and Technology of Sydney to ensure that class I and Class II students did not have homework, as well as guidelines to limit the weight of school bags.
Stick to X.
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