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What are the core competencies of these handbag manufacturer


What are the core competitiveness of these handbag manufacturer? What are the specific introductions?

The handbag designer chose their fabrics to be more elegant, such as something novel, so it is important to pay attention.

Simple circular authentication eliminates the need to worry about forming special items, showcasing the characteristics of those handbags, even if they are of the same primary color, they will not be abrupt.

Age appearance selection, with much more precise patterns, even for bags similar to plastic, there will definitely be no abrupt effect. Even the zipper on the surface of the box will have fine and clear stitching.

Age appearance refers to autumn and winter clothing that is simple, elegant, durable, and colorful, such as the base color of jeans, fine silk threads, uniformly sprayed version colors, such as the texture of jeans, black and white color matching, and popular color patterns, with fine texture.

There are a lot of raw materials, mainly used for sewing molds. The thick bottom is generally yellow with silver color, narrow outside and straight inside, with good performance, toughness, and durability, making it the best choice for making clothing.

When making clothing, it is important to pay attention to the reaction of the other party and try to choose the most suitable material I think. The choice of color is also a suitable choice, which adds to the design of the clothing and helps promote it. Only in this way can the quality of customized clothing products receive general praise.

Fabric: Often faced with process difficulties, which can affect the normalization of materials. The turnover speed during selection is slow, especially in the production of finished products such as fabrics, which can increase cost efficiency. Therefore, the selection of materials can also affect the production effect.

Process selection: The production process of fabrics is mainly composed of raw materials, lining, and PU

When making clothing, it is important to have your own clothing style, such as creating your own and not handing it over to others. Creating original products in this area will quickly sell. If you want to make something, you can choose the color you want, express your theme, and then promote it to others.

Fabric: It is necessary to have a pure white garment, such as clothing. This cotton overcoat is mainly used for making shirts, or for daily, afternoon, or afternoon clothing series. Choose according to color, pattern, etc.

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