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what is the genuine leather

by:Bestway     2020-03-01
It is very important for customers to know how to distinguish between genuine and fake leather.
We often hear the word genuine leather.
People often distinguish it from artificial leather.
There are many kinds of genuine leather, they have different qualities.
So they have different prices.
The common leather mainly includes pig skin, cowhide, sheepskin, horse skin, etc.
Cowhide is divided into two types: cowhide and Buffalo cowhide.
Sheepskin is divided into sheepskin and sheepskin.
There are usually three layers of sheepskin.
Fur leather is divided into fox fur, goat fur, rabbit fur and mink fur.
The fox is divided into Blue Fox, silver fox and red fox.
There are two kinds of goat and juvenile goat.
Rabbits include straw-colored rabbits, Rex rabbits and white rabbits.
The mink can be divided into male and female mink.
There are many kinds of leather and fur.
It is not necessary to list all these types.
Glossy leather is often used in leather products.
The tension strength of this leather is very good and it is wearable.
In addition, it is very breathable.
Suede leather velvet is also very breathable, and the appearance is beautiful and elegant.
But it\'s easy to get dirty and it\'s hard to keep it clean.
Especially in the case of bad environment, it is more difficult.
The shoes collect the dirt in the air and are destroyed by water.
It is the modified leather that cannot be ignored.
On the cover of this leather, we can press different lines.
However, its wear resistance and air permeability are not very good.
At present, pig skin, sheepskin, cowhide and fur are very common materials in enterprises.
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The skin of these animals makes clothes for human beings.
With the development of technology, people only need one kind of leather to get different styles.
Therefore, the customer is unable to distinguish the type of leather.
There are many kinds of leather on the market.
So there are four useful ways to distinguish between genuine and genuine leather.
First, you can touch it.
If it is smooth, soft and elastic, it is genuine leather.
Second, you can observe it.
You can distinguish between its kind and its cover.
You can see the obvious pores and grains.
The cover of synthetic leather also has some pores, but it is not clear.
There is a very simple way to distinguish them.
On the other side of the artificial leather, there is a layer of dry goods.
Used to increase its tensile strength.
There is no soft thing in the leather.
Third, you can smell it.
If you take the leather, you can only smell the leather.
No other strange smell.
Sometimes, excessive use of industrial chemicals can lead to this strange taste.
The last way is to ignite.
If you light the leather, it smells similar to the hair that people light.
In addition, no pimples will become powder after being ignited.
But synthetic leather will be a pimple and you can smell the pungent smell.
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