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which chanel bags make the best investments?

by:Bestway     2020-06-17
Today is the birthday of Gabrielle \'Coco \'Chanel, one of the most influential designers in the 20 th century.
46 years after the designer\'s death, her legacy was as strong as ever;
Her iconic tweed set, little black dress and ballet dancer pumpsarestill are associated with her gamine, revolutionary style.
But often seen as the pinnacle of investing in a single item is Chanel\'s chic handbag, but which one to buy?
In order to match the designer\'s birthday, Paris showroom and website specializing in the sale of pre-sale products
Collector Square surveyed the handbags that were most worth investing in.
Of course, we will continue to advocate buying with your heart, but as you know, there are 5 of the most collectible styles to keep you on your toes. . .
There is no doubt that 2 is the most famous of all the bag designs of Coco Chanel. 55 (
On February 1955;
Month and year of style introduction)
Is the result of designers wanting to create a classic bag that is easy to carry with themfree -
One purpose today is still to serve its owners.
The cuboid lock is a detail of Chanel\'s own design and is the standard for all Chanel bags until Karl Lagerfeld, the current creative director of the label, comes to helmin with 1980.
\"In the past 5 years, the value of this model has increased by 70%,\" said leather products experts at collector\'s square . \".
\"It\'s hard to find in the second-hand market, and today you can exchange your hands for 2,500-£3,500. ’’Chanel 2.
55 bags, recently sold for £ 3,540, collector SquareAn enduring classic, this classic clamshell bag was launched by Lagerfeld in 1983 as creative director at the French fashion company using the same profile as Coco Chanel\'s 2. 55 bag.
\"The average value of this package has increased by 140% over the past 5 years, which is impressive,\" Lalande said . \".
\"For the ultimate timeless Chanel bag, try to find a full black limited edition bag with black accessories and hardware --
These are the most rare and therefore excellent investments.
\"Timeless black quilting leather handbag, recently sold for £ 2,320. The boy\'s bag is named after Arthur Capel.
She is affectionately known as the \"boy\" British polo player and Chanel lover.
Lagerfeld found a photo of Chanel.
He was inspired by the model he created.
\"The Boy bag was designed in 2010 and is still a relatively new model, just showing up in the used market,\" explains Slalande . \".
\"As in the past, savvy collectors should look for limited edition varieties of boy bags, as these products may be more valuable in the second market in the coming years.
\"Chanel Boy backpack, £ 3,540, Chanel shopping bag in collector\'s square dates back to over 1980 years old with a wide variety of shapes, materials and colors.
The shopping bag is a particularly spacious style and is the perfect travel companion.
Convenient, City and [slightly more]
\"At affordable prices, Chanel shopping bags can be used as both handbags and work bags,\" Lalande said . \".
\"This model is a very popular collection with one for every 10 bags you buy in collector\'s square.
\"Chanel shopping bag, £ 2130, this square bag in collector\'s square is defined by its retro aesthetic. It\'s a go-with-
Also suitable for all accessories with jeans and T-shirts
Shirt because it is an evening dress.
\"Its silhouette is reminiscent of the retro camera shape,\" Lalande said . \".
\"There is also an advantage of this handbag that can be worn under the coat because it is smaller than most other Chanel bags,\" he added . \".
\"This style is hard to find in the second-hand market, and Chanel\'s connoisseurs are very coveted.
\"Chanel Photo bag, 3640, collector\'s square©2019 need help from telegram Media Group Co. , Ltd?
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