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who is to blame -- buyers or sellers? | bengaluru news - times of india

by:Bestway     2020-06-26
Most shoppers, especially young people, say they take thin plastic bags because the owner gives them.
\"It\'s hard to hold paper bags because they are easy to tear, but I still prefer the shop to give us paper bags,\" said Jyotsna Sharma, an engineering student . \".
Chartered Accounting students Bashita Chauhan and Prashanti C. H, who shop on the high street, carry thin plastic bags and say they don\'t usually carry their own bags.
\"The environment is very important, but traders have to stop giving us these bags,\" they said . \".
From a shopper\'s point of view, many shopkeepers on the commercial Street are trying to get paper bags.
But when it takes 2 to 3 rupees for a bag over 40 microns, it costs 8 rupees for a paper bag.
\"About 30% to 40% of shops here are investing in paper bags.
The ban is welcome because we also want to do our part for the environment, \"said Yasir Md, owner of a wildcat store on the commercial street.
Street vendors like Shashikala R sell flowers in temples near Ulsoor, who say plastic bags are important because customers want plastic bags.
\"I don\'t mind sending flowers in the paper, but who will take them?
Everyone wants a plastic cover.
The pollution control committee for the raid on the state of todayKarnataka (KSPCB)
Chairman A Sadashivaiah said traders will have to run out of their plastic bag inventory.
\"We will start our surprise trip from Wednesday.
By Tuesday, they should complete the inventory of plastic bags.
\"Customers should also stop taking these bags,\" he told TOI . \".
Devil\'s alternativePaper bags and cloth bags are much more expensive than plastic bags. While a 40-
The price of Micron plastic bags is between Rs 2 and Rs 3, and the price of a paper bag can be as high as Rs 8.
Su Haier yousufu, chairman of the brigade store and organization Association, said, \"the ban will be implemented across the road from the brigade.
Paper bags are used in many shops, but not in fruit vendors and small shops, so we had to look for alternatives.
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