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who made that big brown bag?

by:Bestway     2019-11-20
I can no longer walk down the street without seeing someone holding a canvas tote bag.
They have become the default choice for environmental awareness and also provide fertile soil for graphic designers, illustrators and other creative people.
I think I have at least 10 but actually I only bought one.
They just keep popping up as gifts or giveaways, which makes me wonder how the Earth is-
If there are enough people with similar handbags, they are actually friendlybag-to-
My own people.
A few years ago, Dimitri Siegel wrote an article on the Design Observer blog about this phenomenon and pointed out, \"just as the remarkable efficiency of plastic bags ultimately poses a threat to the environment, the ability of graphic design to generate choices and choices can turn sustainable ideas into environmental disasters.
\"Sustainable design seems to be limited not only to the materials used, but also to the persistence of the design itself.
Brown in Bloomingdale
The bag system may be made of paper, but the design has remained elegant since its launch in 1973.
The small, medium and large brown bag was designed by Massimo Vignelli and he also designed the logo of the store.
The first appearance of the series was the \"Big Brown Bag\" and the linen department specifically asked it to \"accommodate the bigger and bigger . . . . . . Pillows and blankets, these pillows and blankets are becoming more and more popular.
According to Bloomingdale\'s website, this small brown bag for cosmetics and accessories will naturally appear in a year. \".
Vignelli\'s system may or may not have been created in a specific life cycle, but its frank language and round alphabetical form create a fashion that goes beyond 40 years
Even if translated into canvas tote bag.
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