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Woodenleather Bag

by:Bestway     2020-03-03
When a carpenter decides to make a bag, it must include wood.
Leather bag by Wood.
It\'s easy to make and you can decide if your bag is normal or decorated.
I have to say it\'s addictive.
I started with a normal bag for a friend of mine and after the first one I couldn\'t stop.
I had to try a bag with embroidery (the brown one).
Then I was wondering if my 55 year old sewing machine could be sewn in leather.
Result: black with flowers.
Then I had to make a bag and carry my phone, keys and money with me between work shifts: a bag for carpentry (
Or teacher wood; -)
A metal plate.
Make the Template: card board, strong paper, Ruler Pencil, tape, scissors. 1-1. 3 cm thick)
But only hard wood is used.
I use green trees, oak trees, birch trees and walnuts. Saw (
I use my band saw but any one can)Planer (
Or you can buy wood with the right thickness)
Make bags with pencil and paper beeswax like: about 2mm of leather-2. 5 mm (3/32 inch)
If you use thinner leather, the bag becomes a clear leather wax-like cutting boarding knife, a separating knife, or a sharp carving knife (
Rivets and locks, there are many different kinds of locks;
Magnetic snap fasteners, snap fasteners, but I chose the spot buckle for solid brass/silver spherical round head bolts (
This is the name on Ali Express; -)
DingTalk, hammer, cone round head furniture DingTalk (
Furniture and furniture
Things that Polish leather (optional)
Optional: sewing machine, coarse yarn, needle, square paper chip drill hole plate. I install your plate in your bag with brass 1 mmNails or rivets.
Start making a template so you know how much leather you need and how big your sides are.
The most important question is: What will you bring in your bag?
I want a bigger bag so I can carry my iPad with me (
Black bag with flowers).
The other two bags are relatively small. I have to bring my wallet, keys and mobile phones.
If you use cardboard to make the size of the leather and stronger paper, you can use these cardboard as a template when you make wooden edges and cut the leather to prepare the wood.
Saw and planing of wood.
I sent them to 12mm.
Place your template on the wood and draw the sides.
Cut the sides with your band saw or any other saw you can reach.
Hole the shoulder strap. Mine are 0.
5 cm high and 2 cm wide. (
Shoulder strap is 19mm)
Drill holes at both ends first and cut out between holes.
You can do it with a chisel or a chainsaw.
Polish the sides with beeswax and finish.
You can paint them too.
Use the paper in the template.
Cut it off on the leather.
It is important to keep the knife straight and always use a sharp knife.
You can also draw on leather with a pencil, but don\'t tell your teacher in leather class, which is strictly forbidden; -)
The burn edge is optional, but it gives a professional look when the edge is burned.
While I\'m not used to working with leather, I searched for a note on how to burn (polish)
I found this great note. . .
But I don\'t have time to polish the edges by hand, which takes a few hours, and I found the following instructions: It burns your edges in a few minutes and I like it.
I decided to turn a \"burnisher\" on my lathe \".
I burned the edges in the following way: I took a plate with water.
I dipped the edges in the water and burned on the lathe at 1350 rpm, thus moistening the edges.
It\'s great to make personal bags.
You can make some embroidery or sewing with copper, steel or brass to make your bag simple.
Why not try the stamps and carvings on your bag?
Before you continue to process the leather with some Dubbin.
That\'s the problem, but the bigger question is, can you use a sewing machine that can be sewn in leather?
Or do you have the patience to sew with your hands.
My sewing machine is 55 years old and very strong, so I tried it and it worked great although I had to help my machine.
The brown bag doesn\'t have stiches, and don\'t panic if you don\'t have a sewing machine, Jessyratfink shows us how to sew the leather by hand, please see herepatternStart to draw the pattern.
I decided to make a rose, but you can choose whatever you want.
Idrew pattern, then I reduce the square size in the copier to about 1/8x1/8 (3mm x 3mm)
Put the pattern on the template to see if it looks good.
Prepare to embroider the pattern on the leather with transparent tape and mark the hole with awl.
This will make drilling easier.
Drilling (
I use 3/64, 1mm drill bits)
I can use the column drill bit, but you can do it easily with an electric screwdriver.
I drilled at the highest speed and put the leather on a bit of plywood.
Instead of holding the leather, I pressed my hand down on the surface of the plywood below.
Embroidery takes some time to embroider your bag, but how wonderful it feels when you are done.
You will have a unique, beautiful bag.
If the yarn is worn out, you can easily embroider your bag again.
Embroidery begins.
I used DMC cotton embroidery floss and divided it into three thread heads.
As long as you are consistent with this pattern throughout the project, it doesn\'t matter if you start Cross Stitch \"/\" or.
Create each X in the stitch using the same direction.
Read more about how to do cross
Stir in the link below your drawing and blacken the back with a soft pencil.
Place the drawing on the leather and copy it by drawing it on the lines of the picture so that it appears in the leather.
I made a mistake at this point.
I started to sew happily on my sewing machine, like on the sample, but that was just on a small piece of leather.
Unfortunately, the leather in the bag is too big for my sewing machine and I have to keep using my hands.
Mark with awl.
Drill holes with drill bits or Staples and hammers.
Start sewing with thick threats.
It will take a while, but then you will have a unique package.
Get your brass 0 ready. 04 inch (1mm)with a shears. (
Measuring 2 cm by 4 cm).
Smooth edges using rasp.
Adhesive design on board with wood glue.
This makes it easy to remove paper later. Let dry.
Before you start drll, you can draw your own design, or find it when searching for \"free templates\" on the Internet: make a dent with nails and hammers to prevent the drill from slipping.
You can drill holes in advance when your design contains very small details.
You will have some burrs on the back, so smooth it with rasp.
Cut off your design and prepare your jewelry saw (or jigsaw)
Cut off your design.
I use the blade to make the metal number 3 and remove the picture after getting wet.
Once done, smooth the edges using rasp.
Before polishing the plate, buff your platform first and polish it off to remove all scratches.
I started with 240 and ended with 1600 courage.
I wipe the plate with cloth.
Wheels and polished compounds to remove scratches and get shiny surfaces.
I used Dremel.
If you need to wash with alcohol or soap and hot water.
Stick the plate on the bag and make a hole.
I used the hollow punch-in tool.
You can also drill holes with a drill bit or using or with a leather punch, place the plate on the leather and place the rivets in the hole.
Cut off the extra length
You should leave 3/4 of the diameter of the rivet.
Use the hammer tool to fix the rivets.
Or drill a whole on hard steel, as shown above.
Place the head of the rivet on the hammer on the tool, or on the whole of your drilling.
I put a thin cloth between the tool and the rivets to prevent traces on the plate.
Flatten the rivets with a hammer, and then flatten the rivets with rasp if needed.
Congratulate you on designing your own bag.
Would you like to know more about how to fix the rivets?
Amourkris as structures, see the link below.
Shoulder straps at both ends.
I marked these holes with awl.
On one side, I installed the shoulder straps on the wooden side and fixed the shoulder straps with rivets.
On the other side I used solid brass/silver spherical round head screws.
This gave me the chance to adjust the shoulder strap.
Before assembling the bag, make a hole in the flap to the lock.
If you use the card buckle, you can install the card buckle on the top of the bag.
The other one will be installed after the package is completed.
Because you never know where to put it in advance.
I used solid brass/silver spherical round head bolt point screws for the lock, so I made holes in advance.
Wrap the leather around the wood side in order to adjust the wood side when needed to see if the leather fits.
Mark on the wooden edge where you should place leather.
Mark the position of the furniture nail with AWL on both sides of the leather.
Stick the leather to the side with tape and predrill a little hole on the wood.
You can use some glue on the side if you want.
Hammer your furniture nails with a wooden hammer (mallet)
Prevent marks on nails
Finally mark where your lock should be installed.
Put a bit of wood in the bag so you can make a hole. Mount the lock.
After using the bag several times, I was not happy with the lock and changed the ball head nail screw back to the magnetic snap, which made it easier to turn the end off the bag.
Yes, that\'s it. you\'re done. enjoy it.
Thank you for reading this instruction. I hope you like it.
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