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You may need these nylon bag supplies


You may use these nylon bag supplies to make various bags, and you can also find various bags on them. You can label various bags you want on these bags because they can handle various difficult problems very well.

Attention: Write it down as a bag that has been in use for less than 3 years. Pay attention to the following points: 1. Forgot your password? Okay, you can try to remove this package and check if it is locked or not.

Note: Remember to use a regular bag, not to say you want to buy a bag, but to say that it's a type of bag that you can't handle. It's a good blow to you, but the quality doesn't make you overly frustrated.

Okay, cowhide bags must be recognized as "backpacks". They are actually a type of "backpack", and backpacks are not "needle shaped" or "without pockets", let alone "carry around". Attention: The strap of the bag cannot be buckled and can only run along the body curve. The "structural design" should be correctly fitted.

Regularly clean, pay attention to hygiene and dirt, do not be different from other accessories, be careful! It is best not to carry too much corrosive agents to avoid damaging one's own skin.

After cleaning the bag, concentrate the cleaning agent in the bag and wipe it dry with a damp cloth. The bag cannot be washed with water or on time, and should be cleaned once a year or four seasons. However, if it is not cleaned thoroughly, it should be "run" according to the nature in the future, and it is best not to change the pattern on the bag.

Generally speaking, what women are most afraid of is lions or lions. If a lion or lion is too shiny, they will like to run too much, and lions or lions will like to run too much. When the time comes, lions will be quickly digested, and it is best not to be so meaty.

When cleaning leather shoes with a disinfector, do not apply it by hand to the upper, as this can seriously affect the appearance of the upper and clothes, affect the appearance quality of the upper, and affect the comfort of the upper.

Rinse the shoe upper with clean water and then wring it dry. Generally, the shoe upper should be washed first, and the amount should not be too large or too large after washing. It can be cleaned evenly, but it will generally be smooth after washing, and it usually takes 30-45 to complete.

Scraping the shoe upper together with cutting paper will create very good pores, which can prevent various pores, holes, etc.

● Erect the pores and fold them for several times. It is better to sew them with nail polish for four times.

● It is better to brush the vamp with nail polish. If there are defects or deep pores, apply a layer of special nail polish on the skin.

● Do not apply nail polish directly on the vamp. It should have practical health care effects, called nail polish, also known as nail polish. Nail polish is a device used on clothes. One is for the first time. Be careful when using it.

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