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grocery shopping, but make it fashion! asos sells a see-through plastic bag emblazoned with the word \'hype\' for a whopping $24 - and boasts that it will \'upgrade\' any outfit

by:Bestway     2019-11-16
Online retailer ASOS is known for offering stylish clothing and accessories, but customers may shake their heads at the $24 plastic shopping bag sold on the site.
The hype clear shopper is made of smooth, completely smooth plastic and looks like a shopping bag.
The front of the handbag is printed with the name of the brand and the front is written with \"reusable shopping bags \".
According to the product description, there is no lining for the bag, with double handles and openings.
However, unlike the plastic bag you bought at the grocery store, this plastic bag has an internal compartment --
Look, too-through.
The website claims that the bag can \"Upgrade Your outfit\" and it is very easy to clean.
\"Just wipe it with a dry cloth,\" the care note says . \".
Although it seems strange to pay $24 for a show
Through plastic bags, this is actually a steal compared to the Celine version that made headlines last year.
The French luxury brand launched its first $590 plastic shopping brand at the Spring/Summer 2018 fashion show in January 2018.
Shoppers who did not offer online were sold on the brand\'s travel pop for a limited period of time
Stores in certain Nordstrom stores.
The front is written in black block letters in hasCELINE Paris. under the logo, there are four warning labels in English, French and German.
In order to avoid danger, suffocation will keep the bag away from babies and children, the warning reads.
The photo of the plastic bag shows the small Selene bag and wallet inside, but the leather is actually sold separately.
Plastic bags are one of the last creative directors Phoebe Philo designed for Celine before leaving the label in December 2017, making it a collector of fans of the brand. The grocery-
The inspiration pack seems absolutely ridiculous for some, but it\'s not the first time that it turns everyday items into a fashion necessity --haves.
Balenciaga is selling a $1,520 White Calf bag with its name on it that looks like a paper shopping bag.
A few years ago, the brand released a $2,145 Ikea classic blue tote bag.
The brand is also a fashion home behind a $3,240 blanket bag.
However, one of the craziest high
The stylish look is Moschino\'s $800 Cape Clear Cover dress, a replica of a plastic bag that covers dry cleaning.
It even takes \"we [Heart]
Our client signed it.
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