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Meeting with US customer Stephaine


Meeting with US customer Stephaine

Stephaine is our rattan basket bag customer, we just shipped out her shipment. As her request we made a new mini sample and fix an appointment with her on May 19,2019 in HK, she is leaving to NewYork on May 20,2019 from HK. Stephaine is a beautiful chef, can make a very delicious food, when you are in NY, maybe have a chance to try her food:) She mainly doing business like some kitchen and table ware, such as plate, forks,candels,table cloth etc. She also doing rattan basket bags.

Rattan bag is her signal, she said her customer will take the rattan bag going everywhere, very fashionable. When we waiting her at her hotel lobby on May 19, we saw her took the rattan basket come out from Taxi, it's really nice and funny:)

Here the mimi sample for her, she likes a lot, so cute:), and she thanks bring sample for her, will have a slightly ajust and will place a new order soon.

Before leave took a nice photo with stephaine

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