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racist, anti-semitic graffiti spray painted on two brandon schools

by:Bestway     2020-06-29
Two Brandon schools are listed as-
Jews and racists
According to the police.
Video surveillance showed a man painting outside the Linden Lane School and Vincent Messi High School between 4: 30. m. and 5 a. m. on June15.
Officer Guy Roberts says graffiti includes-
Comments and logos of the Flash Family, hateful and vulgar comments, and including N-word.
\"It\'s shocking and disgusting, and it\'s something that doesn\'t have a place in today\'s society.
But unfortunately, some people will feel like they need to spread hatred in this way, \"he said.
The fire destroyed the tent at the University of Brandon, a frustrating offense to a powerful Aboriginal symbol of \"hate\"
Painted Graffiti at home, the dog was injured at rest
The school department is still trying to clean up a lot of graffiti, says InRoberts.
\"They tried to finish the work yesterday,\" Roberts said . \".
\"There were school staff on site who called and tried to find a pressure washer or someone with equipment to come over and take it down right away.
I don\'t think this happened.
This behavior is rare in Brandon, but it is worrying, Roberts said.
According to police, when the suspect used blue, black and white spray paint to destroy the exterior of the two schools, he seemed to be alone.
According to police, he appears to be in his teens or 20 s.
Defense lawyers say it\'s not a scam.
The Jewish attack is a real counter.
According to the new B \'nai Brith statistics, Judaism is on the rise across Canada. Video surveillance showed him wearing a black or navy sweater or a track jacket with a hood with stripes or orange stripes along the seams of his sleeves and torso.
He also wore a red-topped black baseball cap and a black headscarf on his face.
He also carried a black backpack with orange text on the front.
Police say they haven\'t found any suspects yet and ask anyone with information to contact them or stop the crime.
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