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twenty-five awesome laptop bags for everyone, from students to globetrotters

by:Bestway     2020-03-15
The first purchase of any laptop owner should be the case of carrying it.
Whether it\'s a fashion messenger bag in town or a rough-and-
Rolling backpacks are far beyond the general purpose of commuting, and keeping your computer safe is critical to the life of your machine.
We have collected some of the most fashionable and practical laptop bags for every man and woman who wants to add a little peace to their daily travel.
Some bags are expensive but the quality is not always cheap despite some budget --
Friendly choice.
Here are 25 laptop bags and we will make you look sharp from the moment you go out.
MORE: 9 laptop bags for travelers who want to go through airport security. Amazon basic laptop pack is everything you expect from Seattle --
Shopping giant.
It is relatively comfortable, easy to carry, with a padded interior, providing a separate space to store the laptop without adding any unnecessary volume.
Simple Multi-shoulder bag
The compartment design also provides all the necessary space for your cable and pen, and takes into account the rock
At the lowest price, you can purchase a package separately for each device in your arsenal.
These bags can hold laptops and tablets in size 7 to 17 inch, so you don\'t have to worry about finding the right size.
Just don\'t expect anything suitable for fashionistas or indestructible buildings.
Buy now: AmazonThe AVA backpack-
The bag mix is a real eye catcher for women.
Considering the stylish urban aesthetics, it is also built to continue its mature nylon structure and quality assurance.
Vertical bags in four colors (
Black, blue, red and yellow)
With 10-to 15-
Inch laptop compartment and various-
Size pocket organizer for electronics and stationery.
It\'s as simple as you want, but spacious enough to accommodate any volume you might want to add to a painful bike commute or wander around the city.
Don\'t let bright, festive colors discourage you-it\'s all fluorescent this year, remember?
Buy one from here now: AmazonIt is hard to beat the unique style of the Herschel Supply Co pack, and the retreat is no exception.
This spacious package comes in a variety of colors, with coated polyester and steel bars at the bottom, so you won\'t break anything when you drop it down quickly.
The laptop case is perfect to keep your computer stable or to mix what you don\'t want with the rest of your bag.
When you need to turn everything off, the flap at the top provides enough protection with a pull cord inside, and when the element tries to make the most of you, the metal snap ring will really blast the hatch.
The retreat is entered at an attractive price point, and if your demand is slightly different from the standard, it has dimensions both above and below.
Buy one now: Amazon zappos eBagsIf if you have a huge 17-
Inch gaming laptop, you just have to bring all your stuff to the LAN party, Asus ROG Nomad is a top choice.
Equipped with a laptop compartment designed for Asus ROG G750 series gaming laptops, you can carry any 17-
Inch laptop, as well as keyboard, mouse, peripheral, power supply, extra controller, snacks, drinks, tablet, change of clothes and jacket.
It may be a bit exaggerated, but only a little bit.
It also looks great with the same details and beauty as the Asus ROG G750 series.
Asus ROG Nomad has a lot of organizational pockets and space, not so much a work bag as a weekend warrior.
Buy one now: Amazon laptop packs designed to resist the \"waterproof\" elements on the market, meaning they can protect your gear from rain, but not completely from water
Chrome\'s new trip is one of the few completely waterproof trips.
It can keep your content dry on anything, except fulmersion, even in a short period of time.
Other important features include the cargo cycle of bicycle U-
Locks and other gear, an internal organizer with a padded laptop section, and a structure that makes this package much lighter than most similar packages.
Buy one now: Believe it or not, Incase is more than just a cheap manufacturer iPhone case.
The company offers a full range of laptops
The outstanding products such as friendly backpacks and series backpacks further highlight this point.
This is basically a no.
Decorated bike backpack, one equipped with high
The Vis reflective details and padded shoulder straps add comfort and ergonomic support.
For stable purposes, the adjustable chest strap is also standard, and the padded compartment designed to support the notebook with plush wool lining is also standard.
Multiple organizer pockets
Specially used to hold your U-lock —
Especially when combined with nylon structure, it is more suitable for ordinary cyclists.
Buy one now from the North Street of Amazon zapposport tland.
The bag is small-
Time to operate, but this does not stop it from building bags with great ambitions.
Take the nine-way convertible as an example, a bag that is also ready to be your first choice --
Because it\'s your single. strap pack.
The intuitive design allows you to convert the package in seconds, allowing you to use the waterproof drip liner and external pocket in the configuration.
Range of optional accessories-
For example, with ankle stripes and underwear sleeves-
More features are provided, while the amodular pocket system provides ample storage and organization, so you can hide any device that is not suitable for the side pocket.
Now, if Highway 9 is not the only steel routegrey!
Buy now: urbanfuthe Mission Workshop R6 Arkiv is built around a modular track system that allows you to easily move storage components and customize packages to your liking.
Buying something different will cost you a little more, but for professionals who never stop moving and working, it could be the perfect system to get what you need from the bag.
In the mixed volume-top/flap-
Turn off the system and you will find a package well
A lot of things for yourself, 15-
Inch laptop compartment for computer or other files.
If two straps are not something you really like, you can also buy a separate strap to convert the Arkiv Field Pack into a sling Pack.
Buy one now from: Mission workshop. The Filson-filled computer bag proves that the classic \"originality\" helps a lot when you decorate it with subtle leather.
The durable packaging is made of a sturdy twill cloth, which is as easy on the eyes as it is against bad weather, and for those who seem to take the entire working space with them, the original provides a huge interior compartment, there are partitions organized by laptops and accessories.
The leather reinforcement and adjustable shoulder straps surround the logo of the bag, not to mention the zipper and storm flap closure, designed to keep things inside the bag in and out of the weather.
Given that the retail price is less than $400, it\'s certainly not cheap, but there\'s a lot to say for Americans
Aesthetic and quality building.
Buy a briefcase from: FilsonAre now, are you looking for the protection and expertise of the briefcase, or are you looking for the convenience and weather resistance of a briefcase?
Clear Water Township-
Bag of goods is a good choice.
Designed in genuine leather, this travel bag comes with a waterproof zipper and padded compartment, thus providing a pleasant rain shower.
It also provides a segmented interior with a lot of pockets.
Protective compartment for laptop for 15-
Laptops and all 13-inch laptops.
Also, there is a tablet pocket that can basically hold any tablet, or a 13-inch laptop.
If you want a large and versatile daily carrying bag but also need something that doesn\'t conflict with your suit, the cargo bag is a great choice.
Buy one from here now: SF BagsIt is expensive, but if you can afford it, Jack Spade produces some of the best bags and boxes on the market with high material quality and smooth, professional design.
The exterior of the bag is covered with tech gray textured nylon, light weight and modern feel.
Inside, you will find padded tech pockets for laptops or other computing essentials, as well as spacious main compartments for laptops, reference materials and other things you need to bring to the meeting.
There is also an external pocket that can store anything you need to access quickly and easily.
Buy one now: AmazonIt may be labeled as a normal laptop tote bag, but this Canadian bag is definitely for ladies.
If you want to stay as stylish as you can, but find that the laptop bag really doesn\'t add to your professional look, this could be a mixed package you\'re looking.
Except for the same wallet-
Like a line, it can hold 14-
Laptops, tablets, a variety of paper files, mobile phones and a variety of pens/other office supplies.
Also, like many things made in Canada, it is waterproof for any unexpected heavy rain.
Buy now: Amazon customization is the key for standard commuter packs for rickshaws.
Manufacturers offer over 100 customizable appearance options, from external materials and colors to bindings and logos, adding a high level of personalisation to meet any of your needs.
Waterproof bags come with 15-regardless of the custom option-
Laptop case, quick dismantling
Adjust the shoulder strap and front and back pockets to carry your wallet, phone, diary or anything else with you.
This package can be basic or you want it to have a wide variety of design options at your fingertips, so don\'t hesitate to fiddle with the site before purchasing.
Moshi Urbana buy one now: RickshawBlending sleek design and comfortable fit for carrying up to 15 inch of laptops with padded compartments and also tablets or smart
The strap has an adjustable cushion and you can install it the way you like it.
There is a wide variety of internal and external pockets as well as water
Resistant to outer coating, you will keep all your valuables safe and dry and will not have to dig a huge bag to find the charger.
Urbana has three colors to choose from, from exciting and stylish to professional and soft, to match the way you get up every day.
Buy one now from: B & HNothing and it says \"artsy\" is a lot like Etsy.
In addition to the handmade beards beans and old-fashioned Danish lights, up-and-
The future craft website also offers many laptop bags for those who really want something, all the way to stitching and color cleaning.
Every small dark denim messenger bag at Etsy store MooseandPine has an off-
White cotton canvas compartment for 13-
Laptop of similar size.
Although two external rivets
The reinforced pockets provide enough space for your phone or charger, and the other three internal pockets provide enough space for larger items, whether you\'re trying to cram into a few classic novels, or just keep it light with a laptop, this bag is all functional.
While not all Etsy products are reliable, MooseandPine maintains a reliable stock, so this package should be available-and can be sold occasionally.
Buy one now from: EtsyThe Synapse 19 is a very, very traditional backpack: materials used in Seattle
Headquartered in Tom Bihn, including nylon tear for fabric lining and external components, closed-
Supported battery foam, along with the option of 400d-1000d denier Cordua.
The result is water-
Not just the resistant backpack for the compartment of the laptop or laptop (
Include a removable bag)
, And space for cameras, flashlights, sunglasses, first aid kits and a few other things.
Synapse focuses on internal bags and compartments so that there are no mesh bags and confusing straps on the outside, creating a clean, stylish package for outdoor use in a variety of weather.
The laptop bag can be customized according to size, and if 19 are found to be too small, try Synapse 25!
Buy one now: Tom BihnNot is considered not only one of the top outdoor brands ever in most circles, but also often one of the most expensive brands.
However, considering the tape seams and the weather, the high price tag associated with the Granville backpack is worth it
Resistant to construction.
20L package also comes with a zip back plate that can be 15-from the padding-
Inches of sleeves, as well as reflective signs for increased viability, a key holder and a handy pocket for securing smaller items.
Stimulation of color selection-
Copper, black, marine and biological communities in Bangladesh
Whether you want to use something subtle or more gorgeous, make it easier to understand.
Buy one now from the following website: Amazon moosejawpos back country if you carry all the things you have on your back, Ogio Rengade RSS is not only its storage space but also its
The laptop compartment even holds the most impressive 15-inch laptop with a special suspension system so you can just put it in and put the bag down and your computer won\'t even
There are also plenty of available pockets in all sizes and locations, and some are equipped with ultra-slim cloth, so you can throw them in a tablet or electronic device
Readers don\'t have to worry, there\'s also a sunglasses bag with a hard wall so you don\'t end up with scratched lenses.
The price is a bit expensive, but it holds everything and protects everything from bumps and bruises: looking for sales for this bag (
Found on Best Buy and other websites)
The price can be lowered to a more reasonable level.
Buy now: Amazon Colorado-
Based on the design of Topo Designs, proud of manufacturing packaging, these packages are perfect for hiking in Sears, where you go to and from work on a daily basis.
Kleteersack 15L is a good example of why this is happening, and it provides a healthy 15-liter space in a classic design designed for travelers out there.
Compact transport utilizes 1000d Cordura for durability and protection of components, and uses coated packaging cloth to make fully lined interior compartments.
Natural leather lash labels also make the packaging ideal for storing bike lights or other equipment, while side bags and padded sleeves provide extra space for storing water bottles, hydration bladder, and even 15-inch laptop.
The loud color option is just an advantage.
It is worth noting that it is easy to find this model for MSRP with a price below $170.
Now buy one from the following website: hudkberrin in the last year, the name of the Osprey has become synonymous with outdoor packagingand rightly so.
However, the proper
The design titled \"network port\" is more suitable for technology enthusiasts than for people entering the background
Countries on the 7 thday trek.
Charming colors with retro style and modern sensibility, panel-
Daypack style features a mix of storage compartments, each with a different use.
Padded sleeves provide enough space for 15 people
Laptop while the main compartment holds important files with a scratch in the front pocket --
Your tone is resistant to space.
Most importantly, the zipper sleeve located on the front panel allows you to use the tablet without removing it from the package.
Did we mention the lifetime guarantee?
Buy one now from the following: Amazon moosejaw while Lowepro is a phase bag, it has a great laptop compartment and it has enough if you don\'t have a digital camera
The main compartment is broken by a series of padded partitions, so you can store it separately for all your lenses and equipment, or any random items you carry with you.
There are three access panels, one on each side, so you can pull the bag under your arm with a larger item at the top.
The back is covered with a variety of additional packaging, tripod holders and accessory straps for easy storage.
The ProTactic is available in two sizes and can accommodate a DSLR body or two, a large number of lenses and a laptop.
Buy one from here now: Amazon timbu2 is a pillar in the information package, or at least from San Francisco --
The US-based company began its march in its early 90 s.
Command Messenger is one of the most common commands, and of course, it is also a wonderful tribute to simplicity.
Plenty of outside pockets provide plenty of room for your power chords and gears while Tricot-
Lined pockets protect your sunglasses and smartphones from unnecessary scratches.
Durable aluminum hardware and TSA-
Sleeves that meet the requirements, plus the appeal, which allows you to go through airport security without the need to remove the equipment. Said feature —
Vista loops-
It is valuable to make this command more than just a rough look.
The price of this old model is often more affordable, but if you can\'t find it, it will look for an updated version of the command package.
Buy one from Amazon timpos timbuk2 right now, and when great styles and perfect features come together, the results can be amazing.
This is the case with the Incase DSLR Pro Sling Pack, which carries your laptop, DSLR, some lenses and whatever you want to throw in and do it all while it looks great.
It is mainly designed for many camera equipment with padded partitions that can be moved to the lens, the best position of the body, and other things you need to bring
Thanks to the sling design, it is easy to get into all the different storage areas and has some nice features like a tripod Holder to take out a rain cover from one of the pockets if the weather decides not to perform.
Buy one from here now: there seems to be very little market for vertical laptop covers, but the cocoons have built a solid neoprene with padded handles and shapes
Accessory structure.
The slim sleeves are made of premium Leica fabric, providing lightweight protection and accommodation for up to 13 inch of laptops without attaching extra, certainly unwanted volumes.
Bundled grid
IT systems are also an interesting way to organize, using rubber-woven elastic bands and multi-functional structures to hold your items firmly in place.
Despite the limited customization and functionality, it has three colors (
Cars in red, gray and black
So throw it in your backpack or suitcase in order to add a little bit of protection on the move.
Buy one now: At the other end of the spectrum is Amazon, we have affordable and practical TopCase sleeves.
It doesn\'t have rich features or extra straps, it\'s just a sleeve designed to fit the Macbook Pro comfortably, but don\'t look at it again if you only need those.
The appearance of neoprene is durable and comfortable, and there are various attractive colors to choose from.
A smaller external pocket is perfect for tablets, smartphones, Chargers and mice, or anything you need a little extra space.
It\'s not fancy, but it did the job at a very attractive price.
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