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why ziploc bags might be the freshest find in festival fashion this season

by:Bestway     2020-06-16
A Japanese fashion brand works with Ziploc
Yes, plastic that can be re-sealed
Bag brand that has been a staple food for more than half a century-
Will be available in the United States. S.
Starting from Monday, Fred Siegel, only in West Hollywood, this collaboration sounds stupid (
Let\'s face it. it sounds really silly)
There are two reasons worth going.
First is nine.
The Beams X Ziploc collection itself using deconstructed plastic bags (
We\'re guessing that. gallon freezer-Store Ziplocs)cut and hand-
The car is sewn into a truck driver-
Hats, pockets, backpacks, handbags, shoulder bags, small bags, aprons, umbrellas and umbrellas.
When you grab your post
Guffaw breath, we will point out that this is not the first time that a pedestrian plastic bag has undergone a fashion makeover.
Memorable examples include Balenciaga\'s $1 Ikea, which costs $1,990. 49 blue tote (
Appeared on the men\'s runway in spring and summer 2017);
Vintage car coat with private policyschool white-and-
Red envelopes for convenience stores [thank you ](
2018 episodes in spring and summer); and baggage-
Plastic duties with clear labels-
Free bag for Maison Margiela\'s distressed jetsetter collection (
Also 2018 from spring and summer).
Limited edition of Liang fashion x plastic bag
Retail price from $20 (for a pouch)to $180 (for a backpack)
Will remain in Fred Siegel at the end of April.
Parts can be purchased when supply lasts.
Due to the prominent milk white, this capsule series Key has become a general preference for the oversized logo
The white Ziploc logo, using the signature pink and blue enclosed band, has a pleasant effect;
The handbag and apron have striped details;
On the sun visor, it is similar to a contrast recording;
On the backpack, it highlights the zipper.
While transparency may be a fashion responsibility, such as a pair of trousers or a sling top, it actually makes sense when it comes to handbags, pockets and backpacks, especially explicit
Bag policy developed by employees of sports leagues or major retailers such as the NFL.
Music in the desert-
The festival season will begin on April 12 at the kochella Valley Music and Arts Festival and it can only be helpful if it is clear on safety issues
Check the slag bag. (
The fully transparent sun visor is still a head
Chess, though. )
Second, the partnership will introduce the Beams brand to the United States. S.
Consume in a new way.
Founded in 1976 in Harajuku district, Tokyo, Beams is a single American lifestyle store and has since expanded to include more than 150
Brand stores across Asia and about 30 private stores
Label brands, like the Fred Segal brand has grown from retail concept to California --
Export lifestyle brands.
Although beam products have been transported by the United States. S.
Retailer of the year (
The early American stockbrokers are now-
Fred Siegel Center in Santa Monica
This marks the first time Beams has a dedicated physical retail business here.
The space footprint inside the West Hollywood Fred Siegel flagship store may be a big deal than the freight elevator, which speaks volumes about the brand, thanks to its cheeky tennis --meets-fresh-food theme;
Lemons are stripped like tennis balls (
Stuffed into pockets and handbags);
The Frying Pan was strung up like a tennis racket;
Hundreds of ribbons have arrived.
Similar to tennis-court net (white)
Or Fred Siegel\'s iconic Ivy League. covered walls (green).
\"The ribbons are all from the Beams universe,\" explained Kana Kinoshita, international project manager at Beam, during a space trip.
\"It\'s always about hands --
Production and binding of ribbons and sewing.
\"Under the wood, Liang fashion, a new son
The brand is the creative idea of the designer Romi Mizukami who wants to find a way to improve-
Cycle and repurpose of inventory items.
Other partners include Fila, Hello Kitty and bag-maker Eastpak.
Kinoshita added that the Ziploc collaboration marks the first time Beams Couture products are listed in the United StatesS. (
This cooperation, and the new United StatesS.
Market launched in Japan in August 2018
This is probably the best proof of Ziploc\'s ability to stay fresh. )
If you desire fashion-
Striker Ziploc bags can\'t wait to look around Los Angeles for an advertising poster.
As part of the Google Translate marketing campaign, the app can be used to unlock the early access selection section.
Custom X Ziploc at Fred Siegel sunset, 8500 Sunset Boulevard beam.
West Hollywood, April 8-30, 2019.
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