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Best bucket bags for summer

by:Bestway     2020-03-03
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Everyone likes a bucket bag.
Regardless of the season, the timeless style has formed a way to become a staple in the wardrobe.
We can zoom in on any look with no effort, we can\'t leave home without our look.
Not only is it the silhouette of fashion, but also the main fashion companies and commercial street stores that recreate the star pack season in one season after another (
Each material, color and size).
The barrel bag is very practical and more suitable for the interior than it looks, whether you wear it as a cross body, you can easily and quickly get your items, shoulder bag or use a smaller handle.
Whether it\'s casual daytime styling or elegant evening sportswear, we \'ve found the bucket bag that suits us best.
Mansur Gavriel, a pioneer in the trend of barrel bags, led the revolution and left us with serious bag envy.
It is not surprising that Italian leather bags have become the favorite of street fashion with their high attention to quality and luxury materials.
These star bags have different sizes;
Ordinary mini, mini and mini Mini with 31 cm, 24 cm and 20 cm respectively have an adjustable strap.
With a wide range of colors, you can also choose different interior colors, from red to silver.
49495 | Mansur Gavriel | buy it now, we like the bucket bag on this high street.
This statement pack stands out from the crowd with stylish red weave designs and edge details.
It also comes with an interior lining with a hand pocket, a pull cord closure, and an adjustable/removable shoulder strap. £39.
99 | Zara | buy Simon Miller\'s Barrel Bag immediately and have reached the status of worship among the fashion crowd.
They roll out new shades and details each season, offering fresh food for the iconic bags that are now.
Made by Italian artisans, the package ranges from 15 to 30 cm depending on your needs
But we like small bonsai, which can keep your bag from getting messy.
Available in navy, white or brown leather with stylish acrylic tortotorto handle, this stylish must-have product offers insight into the micro bag trendshave. £385 | Net-A-
This stylish Mango bag is made in beige or black and is made from 100% leather.
The delicate style comes with a short and long removable strap, an internal compartment, a secure pull-rope fastening, and an internal pocket for valuables. £79.
99 | mango | if there is no more summer than we don\'t know what to call this bag, buy it now.
Labelhande from Brazil has made every piece in Rio, so they are all a bit unique.
The Bucket bag is tropical with a bamboo cage outside.
The interior of this bag is red and pink, with cream canvas lining inside, which is essential for your summer.
This bag is about 20 cm high and can hold all the necessities.
£ 834 | match fashion | buy now with this vibrant red bag from Topshop. The leather-
Look bag is designed in a modern style with a small top handle and a long body strap.
Buying marni\'s Pannier bag now is of course a fashion favorite.
Pannier\'s fans are carefully crafted in Italy, attracting them for their lightweight quality and compact size.
There are different color variations and different materials from Suede to leather, but our favorite is this cream canvas option with a brown leather accent.
Perfect summer bag with an acrylic turtle
Effect handle for gold plated and thin tan leather shoulder strap.
£ 980 | I Theresa | when buying a nowMatt + Natt bag, only enjoy the nature of unlimited textures and shades and its bags are free of any animal-derived ingredients that make 100% vegetarians.
This barrel bag is made up of faux leather and recycled nylon lining.
It also comes with a cross body strap and a removable logo
Embossed inner bag.
£ 90 | John Lewis | buy now from the emerging label Staud, a women\'s stylish barrel bag.
It has a blue velvet design on the barrel.
Bag and zipper in shape on top.
Inside is suede
The lining and bag are equipped with removable shoulder straps.
£ 395 | My Theresa | buy now. This barrel bag has a stylish Weave design and a silver
Ring handle.
It consists of a 100% calf leather exterior and a 100% cotton interior with an internal zip pocket and a removable shoulder strap.
£ 110 | and other stories | buy now from the iconic British fashion company Mulberry, which features a postman lock that has become a signature buckle for the label.
This soft textured leather bag comes with a suede lining and a removable zip pouch.
This bag can be worn on the shoulder or on the body with lavender, Brown, coral and red color.
£ 650 | Fraser House | buy it now. The Fendi Meng terres bag has been given a summer makeover for floral embroidery.
Made in pearl gray leather, this stylish handbag comes with a silver detail design and comes with a removable strap. £1,350 | Net-A-
Potter | buying it is known for its luxurious bohemian style and Chloe may be able to meet all your bucket bag needs.
This leather bag features a contrast canvas strap and goldMetal Products.
It also comes with ring rings engraved with brand logo.
£ 1,065 | Selfridges | Buy It Now
Leather bags are ideal for both day and night.
This product features POJO fashion trends with a tassel tie and a long shoulder strap.
£ 89 | Anthropologie | buy it now, it is made of a combination of suede and leather, this barrel bag is the definition of Paris fashion.
Refined and polished, it will add an elegant touch to any look.
The air cylinder bag is equipped with a pull rope fastening device and an adjustable shoulder strap.
£ 420 | match fashion | buy it now with classic barrel bags for women make-up in Sandro.
The bag is made of soft silk with gold
Metal details and adjustable shoulder straps. £167.
30 | Harrods | buy nowVerdict: MansurGavrielis is obvious and very popular.
The stylish bag is suitable for any occasion, adding a delicate and exquisite touch to everyone (and ever)ensemble.
But to tap this trend at a lower price, we like the bold Zara weaving option.
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