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fashion inspiration: the history of the lady dior bag

by:Bestway     2020-07-06
Kristin Dior\'s Lady Dior handbag is one of the most famous designer handbags in the world.
Do you remember why it\'s so famous?
We all know the name and design of the bag, but what exactly makes the designer wallet a star?
This beautiful handbag is made of elegant design and luxurious materials, and is suitable for the Queen or at least the princess.
This fact gives us the answer to our question.
It was the late Princess Diana who made the famous handbag so famous.
But how did she do it? Let\'s explore.
It all began in September 19 when the French first lady Bernard Chirac gave the Princess of Wales the latest handbag by Dior.
Decorated in black leather with elegant stitching.
The princess fell in love with the bag at once.
Her newly discovered obsession made her order designer wallets of all styles.
As Princess Diana is considered the most photographed woman in the world, designer handbags inevitably appear in several of these photos --
This is what happened.
In the following November, when visiting a children\'s home in Birmingham, the bag was first filmed.
In the show, Ms. Di held a child and carried her favorite new brand handbag.
A few weeks later, when the princess made an official visit to Argentina, she was seen wearing it.
After these two major appearances, a legend was born.
Dior\'s house decided to name the Bag Lady Dior in honor of the Princess.
Since then, it has become one of Dior\'s home\'s most iconic bags.
While John Galliano\'s design looks a bit simple, it\'s not easy to put it into practice.
It takes at least 8 hours for each person to build and build the work of 7 artisans.
130 pieces of leather are required for each bag, they have to be polished, dyed and processed manually
Then hand cut and place around the wooden mold.
And the famous D. I. O. R.
Jewelry letters are galvanized in different bathtubs to ensure their gloss.
Even the foot of the bag has been carefully designed with 43 pieces of metal gathered together to protect the base from the roughness of the ground.
One of the more fascinating elements of designer handbags is that it blends into the history of some design houses.
Mr. Dior presented the chair of Napoleon Lun III at his first fashion show in 1947.
These beautiful chairs are guided by the tank box pattern and the stitched leather that features the outside.
This reminiscent element gives the package an undeniable touch of classic elegance.
Dior handbags are synonymous with elegance and fashion.
This is the epitome of French design.
However, the price of this design is high.
The good news is that there is a way to pay these fees.
Bee kings and other online stores in Beverly Hills offer designer handbags with discounts, so fashionistas look great on the budget.
Check it out today and find your Lady Dior handbag at a discount!
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