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helping disadvantaged women through sale of 8,888 tote bags

by:Bestway     2020-06-07
There is no better way to celebrate the Chinese New Year than to add meaningful elements to the celebration.
This year, Kuala Lumpur Pavilion continues to support poor communities through its corporate social responsibility initiative charity \"love 2019.
Using the sewing skills of single mothers, single parents and poor women, shopping centers have produced 8,888 colorful handbags called \"bags of Love\", which have improved their living standards.
50 yuan, shoppers can buy oneof-a-
A bag of love will be donated to charity all over the country.
The Heart 2019 charity event was launched on the 11 th anniversary of CEO Pavilion KL (Retail)
Datuk Joyce Yapp is with celebrity friends including Bernie Chen, Kylie Lee, fichri Dahari and Joyce Huang.
The event was also attended by single mothers, single parents and poor women in charge of sewing the heart.
The golden lion dance performance, the grand traditional yee tossing and the rich fun of the festival entertain the guests.
As part of the 11 th birthday celebration, 111 bags of love were given to shoppers.
\"Community events have always been at the heart of the celebrations at the Kuala Lumpur Pavilion,\" Yap said . \".
\"As a responsible corporate citizen with unwavering support for charity, we have planned this event with 8,888 bags of love to raise money for the homes of the elderly, orphanage, charitable organizations and valuable causes
\"The bags of love will be sold at KL charity booth located at Level 3 until February 19.
At the end of Goh Meh\'s campaign, pavilion KL will announce the number of bags sold to verify with the Malaysian record company as \"the largest number of handbags sold in charity.
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