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high fashion, or a high-priced knock-off? balenciaga debuts $2,145 version of ikea\'s classic blue tote bag - which retails for just 99 cents

by:Bestway     2020-06-12
Ikea, a Swedish furniture retailer, is known for its special designs such as sofas, lamps and sheets.
When it comes to handbags? Not so much.
However, this did not prevent the French luxury brand Balenciaga from releasing a bag similar to Ikea\'s iconic \"frakta\" tote bag, known for its bright blue color and durability, and it\'s very big in size.
Balenciaga and Ikea bags are almost exactly the same in design --
Their size, shape, color and many
Handle structure near-identical.
Several key differences that need attention are that there is no IKEA logo on the Paris aristocratic style handle (
Obvious choice)
Material and-of course -the price.
Ikea\'s \"frakta\" bag is made of 100% polypropylene, a recyclable material, while the Balenciaga tote bag is made of a \"crumpled glaze\" on the barney website
Another key point is the price.
The classic IKRA tote bag will allow buyers to return 99 cents while Balenciaga\'s \"arena Extra-
The big shopping tote bag is a little more expensive for $2,145.
Ikea did not seem to offend their design, but rather praised the design skills of the French brand.
Ikea spokesman toToday said in a statement that we are deeply honored that the Balenciaga tote bag is similar to Ikea\'s iconic sustainable blue tote bag [. . . ]
Nothing is better than the versatility of a great big blue bag.
Obviously, the design department of Balenciaga has a similar feeling.
Although this designer is interesting, it is a blessing to some extent.
As one Twitter user said: \"putting clothes in Ikea bags is now a fashion.
Balenciaga is not the first time to find design inspiration in unlikely sources.
They copied another copy last year.
Handbag style with their version of Thai laundry bag size.
Earlier this year, they were ridiculed for another bag that was very similar to a blanket bag that Bed Bath and other places might findnot Bergdorf\'s.
Of course, fashion lovers expressed their surprise and confusion on Twitter, as well as the bold design choices of the Balenciaga family.
Many people expressed a simulation.
They already have thousands of designer pieces that they are in awe.
Even the retailer networka-
Porter can\'t deny the similarities between Balenciaga\'s design and the blanket bag, and their product description is like this: \"Balenciaga\'s oversized tote bag is looking for beauty every day, inspired by classics
If you really choose one of them
As part of your spring styling, we hope you will find the key at the bottom of your tote bag.
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