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how to make a duct tape tote bag

by:Bestway     2020-06-02
After using the tape kit and making several flat tote bags on the front, the tape tote bag PurseAfter.
Sophie invented the layered triangle tote bag with the triangle used in her tape rose.
She taught many friends how to make these bags.
Sophie\'s tape tote bag tape has at least two color materials: you need 12 feet of the tape to make a small sandwich tote bag like in the video.
Ziplock bag: Sophie used a sandwich bag in her video, but she also made a tape bag with a quart and gallon sized zipperLocks.
Scissors and rulers: these can help you cut and measure but are actually optional.
Tape handbag manual bag front: 2-cutting tapeinch strips.
Usually, it is easiest to do about 4 pieces at a time. (
For sandwich-sized zipper lock bags, 4, 7 lines per row, or 28 2 inch in front of the bag).
Make triangle 1: stick the tape strip to one side.
Fold the tape strip down 2/3 on one side, leaving a 1/3 sticky bottom and side display.
Make triangle 2: fold the opposite side down and make the triangle with sticky bars at the bottom (see photos).
Attached to the bag: stick the folded triangle to the bottom of the sandwich bag with the down point.
Overlap them so that the four triangles cover the bag.
Finish the front: make 4 triangles of different colors and place the overlapping triangles at the top of the first line.
Continue until about 1 1/2 from the top of the bag.
Bag Top: pick the color of a tape, cut a strap long enough to go through the top of the bag.
Put it carefully on the top.
If the top is a bit sticky, you can trim it off with scissors.
Handle: make the handle by measuring how long you want it.
Cut a long tape strip and fold it in half carefully.
Attach the handle to the bag: use 2 pieces of tape to attach the handle to the back of the bag for the handbag: now cover the entire back of the bag with tape and overlap your strap a little.
Beautiful gifts for girls 7-
12: Alex\'s tape tote bag is a great gift for girls aged 7 and over.
My 3 girls aged 8 to 11 like to make tape crafts using kits.
The instructions in the kit are clear and they like to use several tape colors in the kit.
General quality: However, the quality of the tape is not as good as the ordinary roll.
My girls prefer to use regular tape rolls because they are thicker and easier to stick together.
Inspire Creativity: Still, I would recommend any tape kit from Alex as a great gift as it teaches girls how to make their own totes, jewelry or tape for flowers using tape.
Better yet, it prompts them to create their own work.
My daughter Sophie is now teaching all her friends to make different kinds of tape flowers, tape chains and other things with tape.
Tweens can make fun fashion: making your own accessories is a way for tweens to express their creativity.
Girls like to be unique, and sometimes they ask for expensive gifts and fashion.
A better way for young girls to express their personality is to learn to make their own unique fashion accessories.
That\'s why I\'m always looking for crafts that my girls can make and share with friends.
Sophie found that since the tape has a wide variety of colors and popular patterns, she could make a tape tote bag to match any outfit.
Play with friendsMy 11-year-
The old daughter Sophie taught her original design to many friends. after practice, she can make three small bags in about an hour.
She likes to put a tape pen in her bag with a tape-covered notebook inside.
In order to finish her dress, she was wearing a tape chain and a tape ring. Fun!
How much tape to make a tape wallet with each handbag?
If you plan on having a team make tape, you need about 2 rolls 15-
Foot tape for every 7 people.
Here is how to solve it: 12 feet tape per tote bag.
Each small Tape Tote bag needs about 12 feet of the tape.
Usually, we use tape in two colors per wallet, so you need about 6 feet of the two different colors.
Solid color tape 15 yards roll.
Each solid tape roll (Brand duck tape)
Tape of 15 yards (or 45 feet).
Two rolls will make about 7 tape tote bags and leave about 10 feet errors. Costs about $1. 00 per Bag.
Buy tape for normal price, you can make each item with color tape for about $1. 00 a bag.
If you receive some donated tape or find an email
Bay or Amazon sales, you may spend less money on this project.
Use plain gray to reduce costs.
If you make a lot of bags, you might consider using traditional gray tape in one of your colors.
It can be found in cheaper big rolls.
Gray and black, or gray and pink can be very cute bags.
For smaller groups.
If you would like to provide a color choice, you may consider purchasing a Tape Tote kit.
It offers a small amount of several colors so that the craftsman can choose and you don\'t have to buy so much tape.
Electronic wallet tape
Bay and Etsy, I \'ve seen other tape wallets where the craftsman covered an old wallet with tape.
I think it\'s also a good idea.
Do you have the idea of a tape tote bag?
Please share your thoughts in the comments!
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