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leather grains used in leather handbags

by:Bestway     2020-03-22
Different women\'s leather messenger bags and different leather handbags are made of different kinds of leather granules.
There are mainly two kinds of skin patterns, full grain skin and top grain skin.
When it comes to the leather particles used in women\'s handbags, they are one of the highest quality options.
Other relative and most common leather texture options are fixed textures and deer skins as well as patents, as well as leather that is too split.
But the quality of these leather materials is not high.
Take full grain leather used in women\'s handbags as an example, full grain leather is a leather that has no separation from the top grain surface and split layers.
This full grain leather is usually extracted from the leather.
This textured leather does not grind flat or sand.
This full grain leather has not been modified.
It hardly includes any deformity or any defect.
This leather texture type is very durable and breathable.
This type of leather texture is mainly used in the manufacture of female handbags, leather furniture and footwear.
Top texture leather type used in women\'s leather handbags this top texture leather is not so much the best quality leather texture type.
But this is the second one, you can say.
Best leather texture type.
This type shows the separation of its split layer.
Compared to this full grain leather, it has a thinner shape.
Its hidden surface is also polished.
A coating is usually applied on it.
It is modified in a way that makes it durable and stain-resistant.
On the other hand, this leather texture type is not very breathable.
Full Grain and cowhide should be used when making handbags.
This leather style makes the female bag more durable in use.
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