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patents; just the thing for the holiday rush: a shopping bag that can be worn like a backpack.

by:Bestway     2020-06-29
As the holidays approach, buying gifts and a festive meal is a major task for many.
Almost everyone knows what it feels like to leave a shop full of shopping bags, because few people shop with backpacks, carts or valet, plastic handles on these bags often create new dents on your fingers.
Manhattan inventor Robert Mentken believes that stores and stores should allow customers to spread the weight of the purchased goods evenly over their shoulders.
He has applied for a patent for a shopping bag that has a ribbon instead of a handle. Mr.
Mentken\'s bag is like a traditional grocery or shopping bag.
It is made of thick paper, square and flat at the bottom.
It leads to a large compartment.
Known as BakSak, it folds and unfolds in a traditional way, weighing about four ounces.
But the straps of the bag are woven through the lips around the opening.
The straps stretch out from one of the long sides of the opening, half-extending
Cycle to the bottom of the bag and fix with fasteners.
The straps are flat and adjustable.
The cashier can put the purchased items into the bag, and then the shopper can slide his arm over the strap and hang the bag on his back. Mr. advertising
Mentken believes that merchants should like his shopping bag more than the one currently used, because it will take their logo and brand to the level of the eye.
Shoppers across the country are likely to become walking ads with department stores and designer label bags behind them.
Their hands are free to shop. Mr.
Mingken obtained patent No. 5,957,354.
Advertising new software determines that the Copyright Office no longer requires the registration of materials in order to obtain copyright protection.
For example, placing a copyright symbol or notice on a written work, art work or photo has the same purpose.
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However, in the electronic era, as long as you press the computer key or click the mouse, you can completely copy the original work, people who create a single website on the internet sometimes want their work not to be affected by copying, which is more assured.
Jordan Growe, a man named South NetY.
Inventor has obtained a patent for a software program that evaluates the content of the website and provides the relevant registration form for the United StatesS.
Copyright OfficeMr.
Glogau\'s software checks the structure of the site and its features, such as text, graphics, or photos, to determine which type of work category each site belongs.
It does this by looking at the \"tags\" on the website files and file extensions ---
For example, identify if the file contains the type of code for the photo.
The software then decides whether the registration form should be accompanied by a printed copy that involves the functionality of the website.
After breaking down the site, the software asks the user if they want to register each feature separately.
Users can also choose to include each component in the registration of the entire site as a copyrighted entity. Mr.
Glogau has obtained patent No. 5,983,351.
Patents can be viewed on the website. uspto.
Gov may order by email from the Patent and Trademark Office of Washington DC at $3 by patent numberC. 20231.
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It\'s just the holiday rush: a shopping bag that can be worn like a backpack.
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