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politics and plastic bags: ‘just be fair dinkum, that’s all we ask’

by:Bestway     2019-11-13
The plastic ban is the man that Prime Minister Scott Morrison and he replaced Malcolm Turnbull in the NRL match . . . . . . Will Australians continue to buy the same route as politicians and US?
Source: John Williamson sang AAPOPINION \"give me directly\" in Australia\'s classic \"True Blue \".
In five words, did he catch it?
Nonsense, the attitude of Australia, just want people to be with us, well, a fair dinner.
If country music is not your thing, in the way of rap, it means keeping it real.
We\'re all for authenticity.
Politicians want to know if their policy will pass the \"bar test\" and the term itself does not really pass the bar test because no one uses it except politicians.
In the real world, people are talking about their bullsh * t detectors.
In Australia, the voice you heard recently?
This is the sound of everyone\'s detector at the same time.
Read more: Canberra political nonsense for all of our sakesRead MORE: Scott Morrison takes the oath of office as Australia\'s 30 premier, it takes two seconds to get rid of a prime minister and two months to get rid of plastic bags.
People are angry with both, not only because of the change itself, but also because in each case they all feel cheated.
Coles and Woolworth perform at the Olympics
The valuable gymnastics back flip procedure on the plastic bag ban, seeing the bag banned, then the replacement price is 15 cents, then free, then 15 cents again, all in a few weeks
Supermarket owners lack confidence in sticking to their plans and leadership to do the right thing, which has raised doubts that supermarkets care more about their bottom line than they do about the environment.
They proved not true.
They are not really blue.
I don\'t think most shoppers want to ruin the environment.
In general, I think people want to do their part.
We just hope that the supermarket will do its part as well.
Shoppers want to do their part to help the environment.
Source: AAPYou see, on the one hand, we are told that the plastic bags we bring home can enter the waterway and kill endangered animals.
It\'s fair. No one wants it.
But on the other hand, when we walked into the supermarket with a new canvas bag, we saw bananas, apples, Kiwi wrapped in plastic.
It\'s not just hypocritical, it\'s actually a bit abnormal.
Nature has given all these water peels to protect them and keep them fresh.
Nature even added bananas for us for a week.
This is what I call convenience!
If the plastic in the fruit part is not enough to be confusing, Coles gives the family 30 small confusing reasons.
OK, 30 if you can collect everything.
A endangered turtle may swallow a Coles mini in the Pacific Ocean, but I don\'t believe millions of plastic bags are bad, but millions of plastic toys are good this one
This is meaningless.
This is unfair.
Interestingly, at the same time as Woolworth perfected the plastic bag gymnastics routine, Coles also launched a mini
Toys that contribute to Maxi
Aldi, Australia\'s most trusted brand, was too lazy to distribute bags in the first place.
This is extraordinary: a supermarket where German founders may need to translate \"fair dinner\" for them, and since it opened here for less than 20 years for the first time, it has become our most trusted
Because Australians trust the brand, ALDI is becoming stronger and stronger.
Image: David Alexander Source: Quest Newspapers may match the efficiency of Germany with the practicality of Australia, building trust in a way that is difficult for Australian supermarkets to understand.
The key part, you\'ll think, is that Aldi mastered the art of authenticity in a very simple way: it just doesn\'t pretend it isn\'t.
Aldi shows how to build trust and authenticity quickly.
But it can be crushed faster.
Ask AMP\'s executives to know.
The company has enjoyed a reputation since its establishment in 1849.
And share price-
Was shocked by the evidence of the Royal Commission.
AMP shares are above $5.
00 before the royal commission hearing.
They are sitting around $3 now. 35.
Roy Morgan CEO Michelle Levin said this week: \"AMP\'s soaring distrust has cost the family brand billions of dollars,\" when the results of the company\'s trust score survey came out.
Financial institutions are not the only ones under attack.
Other banks and brokers we trust, they believe in our mortgages and super loans, believe in everything we save for and everything we earn, they all had unfair dinners for basically the same reason.
Of course, politicians are seeing all this unfold.
Ask yourself if the influence of the leadership makes you more trusting in politicians?
Do you think they are real when they make a commitment now?
Do they really look blue when they visit the bushes in akumbra?
John Williamson finished the song, real blue, and he asked, \"if they sold us like sponge cakes, would you really care?
\"The banks and the Polly family sold us like sponge cakes.
There are supermarkets too, but they wrap the cake in plastic first. —
Chris urkert is a freelance journalist.
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