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reusable market bags and designer canvas totes replace plastic bags for green shoppers

by:Bestway     2020-06-08
Ask any more French woman and she will tell you that the bag collection is not only a necessity, but also a fashion accessory.
Reusable shopping bags are a hit among the green crowd.
More and more shoppers take their bags to the grocery store.
Major food and retail chains sell reusable \"green bags\" of their own brands, which are from Australia.
Etsy\'s search for \"market bags\" or \"canvas handbags\" will show you that artisans are entering the market in a big way.
Searching for \"free market bag mode\" will get more than 240,000 clicks so you can also make and sell the hottest items in town.
There are more than 100,000 \"canvas tote bags\" searches every month.
Craftsmen all over the place are dressing up simple canvas tote bags for those who are eager to buy, and they are tired of ordinary green reusable bags.
As designer fashion model and activist Lauren Bush, she sells her feed project packs online at Amazon and throughout the grocery store.
Buying one of her reusable canvas tote bags is good for the United StatesN.
Feeding Operations of the World Food Programme
Designers are catching on with the trend and are starting to label fashionable market bags and canvas handbags.
Perhaps soon, carrying a brand-name canvas tote bag will be more popular than carrying a teacup-sized dog.
Who knows-celebrities may start carrying dogs in their designer marketing bags.
China\'s recent ban on plastic bags will save 37 million barrels of oil a year and open up a huge market for reusable shopping bags and canvas handbags.
Chinese people use 2 plastic bags every time they use 1 plastic bag.
There are no bags at all in stores in the Nordic countries, which is always more eco-conscious.
Even a cheap reusable market bag is equivalent to 3-4 plastic bags.
So if you can\'t afford to buy designer market bags, just buy a few and do your part to reduce the amount of plastic bags that clog the landfill and kill our wildlife.
This problem has plagued many of us in the United States. S.
Why don\'t we ban plastic bags?
If you would like to help with this cause, please write to your congressional representative and ask them to sponsor a bill prohibiting the use of plastic bags in all stores in the United StatesS.
Do it for your children and your grandchildren.
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