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by:Bestway     2020-06-20
NEW YORK (MainStreet)--
Luggage suppliers in the United StatesS.
Various types of customers are increasingly demanding different travel needs and preferences.
According to Technavio independent technology
The travel and business package market, which focuses on global research companies, is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 13.
58% by revenue and 8.
In the next four years, the number will be 31%.
Major suppliers of travel and business packages in the United StatesS.
It includes Briggs and Riley, Delsey, Eagle Creek, Samsonite, Travelpro, Tumi and mobilinox.
Although these suppliers generally cater to the needs of travelers, they each have their own advantages.
Samsonite and Delsey are leading the way in making smart luggage.
Samsonite is releasing a package with a global tracking device, and Delsey is launching a package with a phone charger.
Travelpro is known for having a direct sales relationship with the crew, and it is also working hard to produce a product to carry with you
Built-in package
Explore a variety of tracking devices in the external USB.
\"We want to make sure that the technology and consumer value behind the tracking device is perfectly reasonable before going public,\" said Scott Applebee, vice president of marketing at Travelpro . \".
\"When you increase the cost of data, many of today\'s tracking devices are very expensive.
\"Other baggage suppliers are focusing on innovation that allows travelers to pack more effectively on their carry-on luggage
Luggage or checked baggage.
Briggs & Riley has compression technology to expand luggage without changing its original size;
Eagle Creek has a bag-
IT systems that allow travelers to pack items flat and compact;
There\'s a pair with Vickers.
The channel design can accommodate different personal packaging styles.
Tumi has a collection that meets the specific needs of female travelers.
We looked at some of the latest and most innovative bags offered by these vendors and matched them with different types of travellers ---
Excessive from chronic
The most annoying person in the world
Click to see which luggage is right for you.
For chronic excess
Packer Briggs & Riley has just launched a series that is perfect for travelers who always need a little more space in their suitcases.
The new Baseline CX style allows for up to 34% more packaging capacity.
Using compression technology (
Relative to the more common zipper expansion)
Travelers can expand their luggage without changing the original size of their luggage.
This solves the problem that travelers tend to travel too much.
What they carry with them
Ons, just worry about whether the bag will be placed in the overhead bin.
When packing, you expand the inside of the bag by pulling the handles on both sides.
Fill all your stuff with the bag and once it\'s off you put it down and the bag will compress.
If you are planning a long trip and need to pack more than carry with you --
On can be processed and you can follow the checkable Baseline CX.
The medium expansion spinner is only 24 inch high, so it doesn\'t take up much space in the hotel\'s small room.
Other notable features: mesh clothing panels that prevent movement of items;
Clothing folder, roll bar with anti-wrinkle;
Large front pocket for extra items; TSA-
The approved lock is included.
Nice to know: The Baseline CX series for Briggs & Riley is not cheap.
Commuters take them with you
The On is $479 and the medium scalable spinner is $569.
However, the company did notstrings-
With a lifetime guarantee.
If the bag has been damaged or damaged, even if it is caused by the airline, Briggs & Riley will be repaired for free.
Get Briggs & Riley Baseline media scalable spinner on Amazon for $569
Delsey has been working on plugage for the last two years, a built in suitcasein charger.
Travelers can charge their smartphones anywhere, so there is no need to compete for the available charging stations in the airport lounge.
Customers who purchase the plugage package will be able to download an app to confirm if the traveler\'s consignment package has been loaded on the plane.
The app also alerts the owner if the package is already open.
Other notable features: overload indicator to help travelers avoid being charged extra baggage charges;
Users can vote online for their favorite additionsons.
It\'s nice to know: the insert bag is still in production and the first bag won\'t be available until 2016.
This bag will cost about $600 a month-inch model.
If you can\'t wait to get a new package, you might want to check out the new helium shadow 3 from Delsey. 0. It\'s a hard-
A unique top lid opening that can be packed with all the small electronics.
Get Delsey Helium shadow 3.
19 inch international carry-on
The scalable spinning car on Amazon costs $135.
99 for shopaholics do you often travel with only what you carry with you?
But somehow you need more space for what you buy at your destination?
The Morphus 22 of Eagle Creek may be your bag. It\'s a full-size carry-
Into two completesize bags.
Light up and use Morphus 22 on your flight.
If you feel the need to shop after arriving at your destination, simply remove the front gear bag from the back shell of your carry-on luggage --
You have a second bag.
Some airlines may allow you to carry these two things on the plane;
Some people may ask you to check one of the bags.
In any case, you will come home with a bag of gifts and souvenirs.
Other notable features: Reflective accents provide visibility at dusk and at night; zip-
Multiple carry options for Off gear pack include zipper
Backpack straps, removable padded shoulder straps and handles.
Nice to know: All Eagle Creek packs are integrated with a variety of packages
It storage project.
These are individually sold organizers that allow items to be packed flat and compact to maximize luggage space. The Pack-
The Specter folder holds up to 12 pieces of clothing and remains relatively wrinkle-free.
Get Eagle Creek Travel Kit-
It clothing folder on Amazon, college for $28
Bound students going to college need a lot of space to pack all their campuses-
Necessities of life, but they also need to be able to withstand the equipment of airline baggage handlers, road trips, dormitory stairs and parking lots.
Eagle Creek 32-
Whatever the flat bag, inch is a spacious rolling bag with a durable wheel and handle system that works like a real suitcase.
Made with waterresistant bi-
Tech material, this is a great bag to take with you while boating and going outRoad adventure.
To make the most of this package and pack as many items as you need, Eagle Creek recommends using the pack-
It organizer pack for separating clothes from shoes and other items.
Other notable features: the roommate will not be bothered by the size of the bag as it is stored in a relatively flat area and can be hidden under the bed.
Nice to know: 32-
The inch is the largest, whether it\'s a flat duel, but it has three other sizes and five different colors.
To open the bag, you need to disconnect the two compression bands first.
Get 32 of Eagle Creek-
No matter what flat luggage bag you have on Amazon, it costs $219.
According to aviation statistics, about 3,000 pieces of luggage are lost every hour in the world.
This information is enough to make travelers paranoid about checks.
At the airport.
The good news is that technology is finally here to help with lost luggage.
In September 2015, Samsonite will start selling GeoTrakR, a travel bag with a removable global tracking device that can find your bag through the app on your smartphone.
Tracking device, just weighing 2. 71 oz. has a 15-
Battery life when fully charged.
It closes in the flight and it reopens when the plane stops completely.
The device complies with FAA, TSA and FCC standards and does not interfere with avionics in any way.
Other notable features: the package itself has four, multiple
Oriented rotary wheel and light aluminum handle system.
There are three inside.
Folding suiter for personal items, removable rope bag, toiletries kit and zip pocket.
It is a pleasure to know: Samsonite will offer three sizes of GeoTrakR: 21 \"spinner for $299. 99;
25 \"rotate $349. 99;
29 \"rotate $399. 99.
People who worry (cont. )
If you can\'t wait until September with a removable tracking device, you may just want to use your existing luggage and then consider getting a separate Luggage Locator from LugLoc.
If you want to buy a new travel bag, you may want to see the brand new rotating suitcase collection of Samsonite.
Silhouette Ball 2 features a new split spherical rotation wheel of Samsonite.
Each half of the sphere wheel can be moved independently in the same or opposite direction to allow rolling on uneven or smooth surfaces.
Offered in soft-side and hard-
Side collection.
The strong light is the super beautiful
Light luggage collection-
21 \"the spinner carries-
Less than 6 lbs. 25 lbs.
It comes in three colors: black, charcoal and berries.
Other notable features: Soft
Silhouette Sphere 2 and the side series of the right light are all made of nylon fabric with water
Resistant to coating.
Both have matching boarding passes sold separately.
Get the new beauty silhouette Ball 2 hard side spinner Hs 30.
Amazon is on sale for $199.
00 glad to know: the strong light came in --
Berry color.
There is no need to find your luggage in the ocean of black travel bags.
Get the Samsonite Mightlight Spinner 30 on Amazon for $197.
42. The crew Line of road warrior Travelpro is sold exclusively to pilots and flight attendants and has special features to help the crew meet their unique travel needs.
Travelpro Crew 10 is the consumer version of the flight Crew with many of the same features: durability, functionality and ease of use.
If it is good enough for the world\'s most frequent travelers, it must be good enough for experienced business travelers.
Travelpro Crew 10 20-
Inch of scalable business plus rolling is a durable carry-on-
Collision with protective side feet-
Wheel enclosure and anti-slip cover.
Sealed ball
The bearing wheels are manufactured for high mileage travel.
Get Travelpro Crew 10 20-
Inch scalable business Plus Rollaboard on Amazon costs $123.
14 other noteworthy features: This luggage is easy to operate and stable when standing.
There\'s a wick inside.
Lined sleeves for Ipad or laptop and second level front zip pocket with riding function
Protect your pocket and ensure the safety of most other smart devices.
Glad to know: suiter is not included in this baggage.
For travelers who need more than to carry with them --
On, Travelpro\'s crew line 10 has 29-
Inch Expandable Spinner suiter.
Most rotating suitcases drift or pull to one side or the other, but for crew 10, once the luggage is pushed, the magnet is immediately aligned to the wheel, making it easier to operate through ticket lines and crowded airports.
Get Travelpro Crew 10 254 Expandable Spinner Suiter on Amazon for $29 inch.
99 for sophisticated female travelers, Tumi has a stylish and versatile new luggage collection ---
Very suitable for women traveling.
The Hadley wheeled luggage bag is just right for overnight air travel and weekend vacations and is easy-to-
External pockets and lightweight telescopic handles.
Blair International Airlines
On has a unique internal organization system that includes a built-in
In suiter and a removable toiletries kit.
Both bags have gold.
Accent tone, can match with Nora handbag (
Made of the same coated canvas material as the suitcase)
, Or the color of the hand Sadler oblique crossbody-free travel.
Other notable features: Tumi\'s latest women\'s travel bag collection is inspired by Peru\'s rich Andean textiles;
The main colors include eggplant and duck.
Nice to know: carry around Tumi
Of all the bags listed in this report, the bag is the most expensive.
Blair International Airlines
On is $1,195 and Hadley\'s round luggage bag is $795.
Buy Tumi bags on Amazon for attention
You want a stylish travel bag but don\'t want to spend more than $500 on your carry-onon?
There\'s a new hard
Eye-catching functional side luggage. The Spectra 2. 0 Dual-
Global carry-
On won last year\'s Red Dot Design Award for its innovative design.
There is a quick zip in front of the case
Entrance doors and removable electronic panels make it easier to get your passport, ticket, tablet and other travel essentials quickly. The dual-access carry-
On can also meet your personal packaging style.
You can go through the front quickly --
Enter the door using a traditional top-down approach, or use a 50/50 partition to split your items into two compartments through the main opening.
Other notable features: ultra-
Light bag with scratches-
Matte resistance;
Protect the angle guard and two layers of premium Bayer pc to absorb the impact without breaking or cracking.
Glad to know: the material used in this bag is the same as the components in the football helmet, police riot shield and bulletproof glass.
To get the biggest attention of your peers, you can choose a bag in red or white.
Get the Spectrum 2. 0 Dual-
Global carry-
Sold on Amazon for $349.
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