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the history of the fendi baguette: a little fashion inspiration

by:Bestway     2020-04-11
Since its establishment in 1925, Fendi house has developed into a company related to quality and fashion
Clothing and accessories.
Today, fashion house is known for its amazing designer handbags, with French baguette at the top of the list.
This is one of the most famous designer handbags in the world and is arguably the first \"it bag \".
\"This small designer wallet is so well received that it is worth a closer look.
In the 1990 s, Fendi suffered what some people described as the appearance of the 1980 s, and their sales were getting smaller and smaller.
During this period, artist Nathalie Hambro became famous for creating handbag artwork.
Hambro bags are unique and hand-sewn.
They are created for those who can appreciate the artistic side of fashion, not for snobbish labels that only want to gain a certain social status.
Silvia Venturini Fendi, aware of the genius of Hambro\'s ideas, has embarked on a similar path.
She decided to produce a designer handbag that was unique and different from anything else on the market at the time.
In 1997, Fendi released a mini handbag called Baguette, which will quickly become one of the most successful designer handbag designs in the world.
Fendi designed this package for some type of shopper.
Author Caroline Cox called the target market \"premium hippie \".
\"They are the people that people expect to find in Greenwich Village or other arts --chic area.
This section is considered to be the perfect choice for French baguette, as it is a designer wallet that embodies personal ideas, and it is clear that it allows more than 600 aesthetic options.
These options include a wide range of colors, decor and refined materials such as snake skins, crocodiles, silk velvet and woven Rafiya.
The design of French bread also includes moral appeal.
Some put on Indian mirror-making techniques, while others show strong signs of Native American influence.
French baguette should be as far away from the norm as possible while still having a more mainstream look.
Although the bread should be different and unique, it does have design elements that can be found on each bag.
First of all, the shape of each French stick is the same.
They are all small rectangles with straps, long enough to allow bags to sit under their arms like bread.
The concept, derived from the name Baguette since its placement, is compared to the usual way to transport French fares.
Also, each package has the same interlocking double
Shape the F logo that creates a front buckle.
However, this watch buckle may decorate the crystal or sequins on one wallet while bare on the other, because while the decoration of each wallet is constant, the decoration between them is somewhat
The fun bag was a success soon.
Celebrities soon realized the grandeur of the small bag and were found carrying it all over Hollywood.
It even appeared on popular TV shows, further exposing the public to the world of Fendi French sticks.
Today, the bag is still racing on the shelves and is still one of the most popular styles in Fendi.
As a classic designer wallet, It is constantly listed on the fashion charts and classified as \"It bags \".
\"Although not everyone can buy the famous Fendi French stick, there are Fendi bags online and they can be discounted.
Stores like the Queen of bees in Beverly Hills offer classic designer handbags such as baguette, which are more affordable and easier to buy for everyday fashionistas.
It\'s time to bring your newly discovered knowledge and inspiration to the store!
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