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the life cycle of a diaper bag

by:Bestway     2020-03-12
Sarah Ann NoelThe diaper bag: leave home without a mother without it and no child will leave it alone.
At first glance, the diaper bag is a bag. -
Mom threw something on her shoulder and it was stuffed with diapers, bottles and cheese crumbs.
But isn\'t the diaper bag much more than that?
Perfect diaper bag execution is a coveted skill;
Once you put it down, everything has changed again.
We bring you the life cycle of the diaper bag. Stage One: Pre-
The first stage of the baby fantasy, diaper bag sitting at the door is very beautiful.
Compact, generally disguised as a wallet.
It hasn\'t really been used yet, just ready to go into action as soon as it\'s notified.
It is still clear and clean, and the sparse contents are split into proper pockets or separate stylish zip bags.
The content generally includes a single diaper (maybe two);
The hard shell of a fully folded wet wipes;
An extra pacifier, and the protective case is still there;
There is also a small portion of the wooden teacup. The stage-
A diaper bag is a photo-
Ready, a sight to see.
Stage 2: realistic stage after delivery
The two diaper bags are the same bag as the stage-
But it has turned from fantasy to reality.
Of course, the paper diaper bag has been put into battle and has now suffered wear and tearand-
From the car to the stroller, from the counter to the ground, from the target car to the grocery basket, etc.
After learning many lessons on the difficult road, the stage-
The two moms have properly rearranged her bag as follows: no less than five diapers and a whole bag of giant wipes;
Throw three extra pacifiers at random, damn protective case--
Just lick it clean.
Two changes in clothes and the corresponding \"wet bag (
Old plastic grocery bags);
A bottle that already has a formula, even if it should be stored in a separate container;
Three noisy, bright plastic bells make too much noise in the bag, but can never be found when needed.
Stage 3: Take off the carpet bag and mourn the loss of fashion wallet-Like a diaper bag.
The second stage is dead. Stage-
The three moms have been upgraded to some awful lot and they have become super moms and will be ready for anything.
Sadly, this is the stage.
Because three mothers tripped over the stage.
The three diaper bags are actually infinite spaces.
They\'re Mary Poppins.
Like a carpet bag. -
Great thing to fit! The problem?
Never came out. A stage-
Three moms still need to pack a diaper bag every time they go out.
She would ask, \"Do I have diapers ? \"
\"But instead of checking, she will add two more.
She will forget to ask, \"Do I have a wet towel ? \"
\"After finding the wipe bag torn and all the wipes dry, I need to get wet paper towels in the bathroom of the gas station.
Snacks are added every day but never fully consumed.
At any given moment, a stage
Three diaper bags can hold half.
Drink a cup of spoiled milk now;
Two packs of broken puffs;
An open container once containing cooked peas (
Now stuck in the darkest corner of the bag);
There is also a disgusting mesh bag with previous fruits inside.
After knowing that spoons, keys and candy stick wrappers are much more interesting than toys, the mother of stage 3 stopped putting the Bell into the bag, but in terms of sound, there is still an old piece floating somewhere there.
Stage 4: After a year of false freedom, the diaper bag enters stage 4.
Make sure she has a toddler now, not a baby, a stage --
Four mothers made terrible mistakes in early relegation.
When it comes to diaper bags, the only law is Murphy\'s law, so you definitely need to pee bags if you don\'t have a diaper bag.
But you know what?
Although this has happened at every stage
There are four mothers in the history of the world, and the babies are still growing up. (
This is the first sign of freedom coming soon. )
Stage 5: depending on where you live and how you move around, it looks very different in the mid-stage 5.
The fifth stage is not to make your little humans full, clean and alive, but to make them happy.
If you are a city Mom, you will learn to hide a lot in a stroller so that the diaper bag will shrink.
A city stroller is always equipped with buckets and shovels; a blanket; bubbles; a small ball; child-
Size of sunglasses;
A sun hat that will never be worn, but having it will make the mother feel better; and rain gear.
If you are a suburban mom, you can put these things in the car because they are obviously too big to fit any version of the diaper bag.
That\'s why the fifth phase is the transition phase. -
You may still need a lot of gear, but you start to find different places to place it.
Phase 6: by phase 6, mothers have woken up and realized that they also need some life.
It took them nearly two years to meet the needs of some others who began to want sunglasses or a small church with no trace of small teeth. Stage-
Six moms will announce the liberation from the diaper bag and go out and buy some wallets --like again.
Timid people choose canvas handbags;
Special Spring for leather satchel.
Regardless of your level of risk, it is important to be aware that a new bag does not actually remove you from the responsibility of the diaper bag.
You also need to get the house ready.
But by the sixth stage, you also want to be able to leave the house without a child without having to change it from a diaper bag.
So enter the diaper bag--a snazzy mini-
Bags that can be diapers or pulled-
Get up, some wipes, snacks, emergency crayons, Princess Band-
AIDS and hand sanitizer.
It\'s safe to say that after you live a paper diaper life, you may never really get rid of it.
After phase 6, you may escape without a diaper bag;
But you will get used to having beautiful rabbits and first-
Without them, you will feel lost whether you have children or not.
The life of the paper diaper bag is short, in the grand plan of things;
But in fact, the spirit of the paper urine bag is eternal.
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The article was originally published in full New York by Sarah Ann Noel.
Sarah Ann Noel is Trevor\'s wife, the mother of Iris and Edith, and a freelance writer in Brooklyn.
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Thinkers and exhaustive
Sarah loves to write about life and things that move her-
The main thing is to learn from love and hope and find something good in the world.
Driven by a lot of caffeine, she is currently writing her first book.
Read more at sarahannnoel. com.
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