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balenciaga is selling a £1,320 tote that looks just like a paper shopping bag… and we have so many questions

by:Bestway     2020-02-27
Is it just us, or is it part of the fun of shopping crazy with paper bags full of new items? Right?
Now, a brand has taken the thrill of humble paper shopping bags to a whole new level with its latest accessories. . .
From the people who brought the usplatform Crocs and bizarresven --
Now with a £ 1,320 leather tote bag, it looks like a paper shopping bag.
For reasons that we cannot understand, the Balenciaga has turned what is usually free into a bank --
Very expensive accessories.
With creases and super stripping at the bottom-
This luxury leather handbag is actually designed to look like a worn out
Paper shopping bags.
We just can\'t put our heads around it.
Because if you are pursuing this, well, the smallest style, will you save your paper bag the next time you go to the store?
It\'s no surprise that the Spanish designer has upgraded the string handle to a stronger leather strap and added a zipper to the top.
But beyond that, this super expensive designer accessory looks almost the same as the other paper bags we \'ve come across. Awkward.
On the positive side, unlike most designer bags, this spacious shopping style comes in handy when you have to go to the supermarket on your way home from work.
Does anyone want to use their bags as the hottest fashion manifesto of the season? Just us?
In the crazier fashion news, prettylittbig is selling an 18-purpose maxi dress, which is absolutely nothing to imagine.
Plus agent Provocatuer is selling a 2 k underwear made up of copper Square and chains, the directors are wearing dollar bills for the strange New York Fashion Week fashion show --
A few sets of clothes are completely visible. THROUGH.
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