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brits are selling plastic bags as ‘collectors’ items’ on ebay

by:Bestway     2019-11-14
The British do like to look for drama in ordinary times.
Although in the last four years, the 5 p plastic bags in Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland have been charged with little fanfare, we cannot let go of this opportunity without some good old peoplefashioned ill-humour.
First, there were rumours of confusion at checkout, and then it was said that people began to requisition carts and shopping baskets.
Now, aggressive shoppers sell their \"wine\" plastic shopping bags on eBay.
Yes, although many people joked that there was a gold mine under their kitchen sink . . . . . . Realize that there are about fifty worth of plastic bags under your kitchen sink. —
Question (@SoVeryBritish)
On October 5, 2015 . . . . . . Others think the joke is inevitable: eBay.
You can splurge on these \"5 random plastic bags\" and buy them for a very optimistic price, which is now 1,000 (
Or they are willing to accept the offer).
The seller explained: \"Shopping is not included and there may be traces of nuts and odd receipts-you may get a bag in your bag if you\'re lucky-it\'s like bagception.
Or how about a \"collectible\" Asda plastic bag-you can get a history for just 99 p --
From the good times of the past, you don\'t have to buy a 5 p thick plastic bag or have to have your kids take shopping with you.
The handle is still intact, the list says.
This \"rare\" Tesco bag with a price of more than 1p looks very cost-effective-until you notice the delivery fee of 99 p.
The description is: \"white plastic tote bag, Tesco brand, a discreet owner, used only once, brought in October 19, in very good condition for its age.
Yes, very funny.
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