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designer handbags - so which is the best material?

by:Bestway     2020-03-30
With a lot of different types of designer handbags to choose from, how do you know which material you would like to make?
In a way, it depends on what you want the handbag to do.
Do you want to compliment a costume?
Do you want it to be a little active (or a lot)
Or are you just trying to make it durable?
Today, the most common material for designer handbags is leather.
The leather is sturdy and durable, very tough, and is the perfect choice for a material.
Remember that there are also various types of leather, such as cowhide, goat skin, natural leather, faux leather, etc, there will always be someone who \"feels\" right in your hands.
The thick and sturdy leather is well protected against rain, small marks and spills (
Depending on the protective coating and color)
After repeatedly putting down and picking up the rough floor, it will not be torn or torn.
The strength and durability of Suede lint is also comparable to the leather range, second only to the leather range.
Less designer handbags are made from suede lint, as it is a material that is more difficult to design colors or styles
Even though Coach has done a lot of color and style in suede handbags!
But what if you want to dress up beautifully or want to buy a dress that goes beyond the traditional materials of leather, suede, canvas and nylon blends? Well --
You are still spoiled.
How about a seat belt bag made of a recycled seat belt with a cross pattern?
Strong, colorful, very different.
Or a new handbag--
Made of clean and recycled license plates, the handbag is actually bent in shape with hinge flaps.
And night bags made of velvet. Ugg handbags -
Made of processed sheepskin-
Some of them are also handbags and muff!
The Beijo bag is made of polyethylene. -
It\'s hard to clean.
Some of Louis Vuitton\'s high-end bags are made from a mix of cowhide or canvas and ostrich bird skin for decoration and decoration!
You can even pick up some handbags made of crocodile skin. -
Although it is from the second-hand market!
The choice of materials is incredible.
Almost any material that you consider appropriate has been used to make a handbag.
The only real problem is-
What do you want your handbag to say to you?
If you are solid, traditional and reliable-go for leather.
If you\'re trendy and trendy-
Try the seat belt bag.
If you are a different person, not a follower of the trend, go buy a brand handbag or design your own.
What is around your house that can be used as material?
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