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dior le trente drawstring tote

by:Bestway     2020-03-30
Dior Le Trente lanyard tote bag, designer handbag, Dior handbag as the handbag of this season, Dior Le tréente lanyard tote bag embodies the charm of women and modern colors, become the excellence of Dior lovers
Dior Le Trente lanyard tote bag, as the boutique handbag of this season, embodies the charm of women and modern colors, and becomes an excellent collection for Dior lovers.
You might want to know why this bag is named trtréente bag.
In French, it means thirty.
The name comes from the address of Dior\'s home since 1946, 30 Montaigne avenue, Paris, where Dior\'s flagship store is located.
The personal painting studio in this famous building has witnessed many masterpieces designed by Dior\'s creative director John Galliano.
This bag is made of luxurious lamb leather with soft details, unlike the previous lanyard tote bag.
Adding large folds to the edges is actually chic.
Two leather handles and double silver
The plating chain makes the whole bag more feminine and attractive.
Removable metal Velcro CD strap hanging from jewelry.
It is about 40x30x16 cm in size and has a pocket inside to accommodate your daily necessities.
In addition, this bag is versatile and can be perfectly matched with your outfit.
You can simply carry this handbag on casual days, in cute T-shirts and jeans, or on weekdays in pencil skirts and collar tops, and even bring your light on this holiday seasonFull of frost.
Priced at $1,200, this Dior bag is definitely a great investment item for your collection.
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