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from free holidays to renting designer handbags, single mum reveals how she lives a luxury lifestyle on a budget

by:Bestway     2020-04-08
Two Hollie Gregerson moms enjoy a free holiday with designer costumes and luxury cars
But her extravagant life is not maintained on a huge budget. Instead, 34-year-
Always use her money saving tips to offer free giveaways and discounts for VIP life.
She started making money, Hollie.
Energy saving Thriftymum blog.
In 2016, she lived in Hull with her two sons.
James, three, and Ted, two. She works full-
As the project manager for East Riding Yorkshire Council, she uses her spare time to find luxury goods.
Sun and Hollie talked about how she was looking for bargains, so you can as well.
If you want just blown hair and shiny nails, it could cost you 100 in some salons.
This can be expensive, so it\'s a good suggestion to see your local university.
\"They tend to have real beauty salons, and the price is much lower,\" Hollie told The Sun . \".
\"The students are also supervised, so there will be no real mistakes.
\"Whenever I blow dry like this, I usually save 20.
\"It can actually save you the price for the third or one quarter,\" added the savvy blogger . \".
Hollie uses her own local university, but contact people around you to see if they offer something similar.
Holidays are expensive but there is a way to check in for free
This is provided to pets at the same time.
\"There are a lot of different sites that pair you with where you want to go, and there are also destinations where some people leave at the same time,\" Hollie said . \".
\"Then you\'re basically sitting at home and next to your pet at the same time.
She added: \"This gives you the opportunity to pay only for your ticket while on vacation, which means you can consider staying longer.
A site like this is house sitmatch. Co.
Buying a car is really expensive, but who doesn\'t want to spend a weekend on brand new stuff?
\"I can\'t buy a car right now, but it\'s really nice to be able to drive something fancy on the weekend,\" Hollie said . \".
\"A lot of garages have 48-
I did this in the past.
\"We recently launched a brand new Mini convertible, which is very beautiful.
\"We just went to the beach and drove around the town and the countryside.
Really good.
\"If you want to be like Hollie, just check the weather forecast and book a test drive.
You can book your own mini convertible here.
According to the comparison of the market by the comparison website, you usually can test drive with a professional dealer without insurance, because this is often covered by your own policy.
Keep in mind that you may still have to pay some loss if something unfortunate happens
Worth twice.
Check before you get on the bus.
If you\'re going to an event where you should dress, like a wedding, you can get away cheaper by focusing on the details and accessories of your outfit.
\"You can really put on cheaper clothes with beautiful accessories,\" Hollie said . \".
\"Being able to buy a designer handbag directly under a single mother\'s budget is not a chance on earth.
The good news is that websites like Roseriva. co.
The UK allows you to rent designer handbags in one to four weeks.
When you\'re looking for a bag and the brand you want, you can put your budget in.
For example, if you borrow a week, the Gucci Ophidia GG Supreme backpack will set you back by £ 85, or a total of £ 170 around.
You need to figure out how long you can afford --
Is it worth investing in a cheaper handbag in the long run.
At the same time, you should consider plants in order to make your bathroom more luxurious.
\"Artificial trees really make it look higher --
Holly said, \"it\'s over.
\"I bought mine from Ikea --
A huge bamboo
It just had a huge impact on the look of the room.
\"To avoid\" cheesy, brightly colored labels \", she also bought cheap bubble baths and put them in a glass jar.
\"To make my towel fluffy, I used a glass of white vinegar and half a glass of baking soda when I cleaned the towel.
\"It gives them a luxurious look at the hotel.
My grandmother taught me this.
\"When it comes to candles, Hollie always looks for dupes from Aldi and Lidl.
\"They copied Joe Malone\'s candle.
\"Hollie saves gym membership by shopping around and then\" constantly getting a free trial, \"she said.
\"If I want to relax and spend the night in the hot tub, there is no need to go to the spa because there are so many gyms and spa areas right now.
\"So I went there through a free trial and went ahead and did that.
\"One way to feel pampered is to go to the department store to transform --
Best of all, they are usually free.
\"I spent a lot of money on the normal high --
Street makeup, so I went to the department store to make up with brown clothes.
\"I asked the Foundation how much it was, and she said, \'Actually, we don\'t have it right now, and I\'ll give you a free sample. \'.
\"The next day I went back and asked if they had received it and they still did not receive it and provided free samples.
\"So I kept going and gave them my number to let me know when they received the courier.
\"I was thinking that I should go and get free samples every day before I get a call.
\"I don\'t pay for the foundation anymore. it\'s too expensive.
\"In any case, make-up in the store is a great way to enjoy, and you can enjoy some of the luxury in your life for free.
\"In order to make up for free, hollie says, you just have to ask if you want to buy some products or ask for a new product to see how it looks on your skin and how long it lasts during the day.
I like to eat outside, but I hate to eat out for it?
Then, the mystery meal may be the answer to your prayers.
A few years ago, Hollie began shopping and dining.
\"All you need to do is go out for dinner and take a few pictures of the meal.
Then write a short report.
\"It\'s a good idea for a cheap date.
\"Initially you can get food for free, but the more reports you make, the more they will start paying you as well.
\"Because there is a demand for the quality of your report, it also means that you can go to the hotel and the new restaurant.
By doing so, you can save hundreds of pounds a year, Hollie said.
It\'s all about how much time you have to put in and the number of companies you work.
Hollie recommends registering as many companies as possible.
In this way, you can choose the job you want.
When she gave birth to her second son Ted, Hollie and her child\'s father went out to dinner every night during the first week so they didn\'t have to cook or take a shower.
\"It\'s really simple because we don\'t need to buy any food.
We go to different restaurants or bars every night.
\"Examples of mysterious shopping sites include grassroots, red WigWam and market forces.
HGEM\'s Mystery Dining also offers free dining at certain restaurants for gourmets who are willing to take the time to write a detailed report.
The Sun has spoken to a father. of-
Three people who earn £ 1,500 a year after filling out surveys and mystery shopping in their spare time.
Earlier this year, we revealed how to make money at home and earn 1,000 without leaving the couch.
We also summarize 50 ways to save money, including the best apps and tips from experts.
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