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how to store shoes in a plastic bag

by:Bestway     2020-02-28
It takes time to open countless boxes to find your favorite shoes.
If you store your shoes in plastic bags, you can save time and energy, and plastic bags can also protect your shoes from dirt and dust.
Plastic bags use less space than boxes and are cheaper than traditional plastic storage containers.
However, before putting the shoes into the plastic, take a few minutes to make sure they are clean and ready properly.
Clean shoes made of artificial materials such as rubber and plastic, made of soft, damp cloth and mild soap.
Use the shoe brush to remove dirt from the sole and any gaps.
According to Martha Stewart\'s home manual, clean the paint skin with a mixture of cloth and vinegar and water.
Clean the leather with a wet sponge.
Use suede hair shampoo and sponge to refresh suede hair.
Care for canvas with canvas cleaner.
Check the manufacturer\'s instructions to clean shoes made of fine fabrics such as silk or satin. Air-
Dry the shoes and save them.
This will also protect your feet.
Wet and humid shoes are the breeding ground for fungi.
Make sure the inside and outside of your shoes feel dry.
Insert a crumpled tissue in the shoes to keep the shape. For closed-
Shoe stretchers are an option in shoes such as casual shoes or pumps.
Shop for stretchers in shoe repair shops, department stores and some pharmacies.
Pack each shoe in at least two thin sheets of paper to prevent wear, heel print and color transfer.
To prevent damage, please cover the trim, buckle and heel. Select the bag.
The thickness of the plastic bag is in mil.
A Mil is one.
A few parts per thousand.
Retail shopping bags, for example, are usually two miles.
The freezer bag is usually three miles.
A transparent zipper freezer bag is a good choice to look at the shoes. Use one-
A gallon of children\'s shoes smaller than five yards. Use two-
The gallon size of women\'s shoes and men\'s shoes is 6 to 10 yards.
Three to five
Gallon size for adult or platform or wedge shoes above 10 yardsheeled shoes.
The rope bag is also a good choice.
The pull rope is closed to allow air circulation.
Your shoes smell fresh and clean.
Put the shoes upright in the bag to keep them in shape.
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