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how to take care of leather bags in rains - times of india

by:Bestway     2020-03-26
The monsoon season does bring joy to everyone, but will it stop you from carrying luxurious leather bags?
When it comes to vegetables-
The tan leather bag is actually nothing to worry about.
The leather let the rain evaporate naturally.
So next time your vegetable brown bag is wet, empty it and pat it with a soft dry cloth.
Then put it in a dry place for a few days, even in the air --
Rooms with conditions.
This way you can easily drain the bag.
Also, you should never dry it in the sun or even under the heater, so that the natural oil of the bag can be dried to make it look dim and take away the gloss.
The leather will become hard over time, and even there will be some noticeable cracks on the surface.
It just needs to moisturize like our skin!
That\'s why you have to invest in a good cream or wax for your bag.
Occasionally give it a bit of friction to make your bag look as good as the new one! -
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