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nothing really frivolous about them

by:Bestway     2020-04-03
“How much?
\"When I gave myself a designer handbag on my 35 th birthday, my husband\'s eyes were so open that he couldn\'t believe it.
\"It\'s not worth it!
Not even leather!
\"But his heart came back when he saw me wearing this most powerful accessory --
Slipped from his lips. “Wow!
\"This price is not free.
When the first high
The terminal designer handbag store marks its march into the Bengaluru area, where everyone is struggling at an amazing price to laugh at the brand, and vowed that no one would be stupid enough to spend the money on such things.
\"Why, I \'d rather buy jewelry,\" is a common phrase.
Many people shook their heads and returned home convinced that luxury brands would soon have to pack up and leave the Indian coast.
However, when glossy magazines began to publish photos of celebrities carrying designer handbags, when wealthy celebrities began to take designer handbags, they had a trickle effect.
Soon after, brand-name handbags have stepped up the ladder of social demand and become one of the most coveted goods.
At least for some people.
Others still shake their heads and are shocked by the extent to which people have succumbed to social pressure.
But is that all?
Today, the bag I bought nine years ago, looks about the same as the day I bought it, there is no sign of wear and tear.
It was big and when I forgot my bag I had used it as my daughter\'s diaper bag, shopping bag, as a swimming bag, I threw some extra plastic bags in to store my wet clothes and towels.
This is my standard check.
When I was flying, because it carried a ton of stuff, I often used it as an overnight bag for short trips.
When I take my daughter to the doctor, it takes away my laptop and medical files . . . . . . It will upgrade my gear immediately! The best part? Unlike high-
No more than a year of street bags, there is still a long way to go to find the trash can.
When you buy a designer, you don\'t buy it recklessly, and don\'t discard it recklessly.
Really, you\'re protecting the environment.
Of course, this should alleviate the sin of squandering!
Nowadays, more and more consumers buy and throw things, and more bags.
It is not uncommon to see cheap handbags unpacked after several times of use.
The lines are unwound, the faux leather falls off and enters the garbage they go.
When you buy a famous brand item, you buy one at a time.
Take care of it.
If it starts showing damage after 10 or 20 years-
You can fix it and even send it to the package Spa (
I\'m not kidding, there\'s such a thing)
It will be fresh, energetic and young ten years ago.
If you only have one designer bag, you can carry it every day for the next 20 years.
Then you can give it to your daughter, and she can bring twenty more. “Forty years?
Are they really that durable?
\"If you take good care of them,\" they said . \".
For me, this includes stuffing it into the overhead compartment, pouring water and milk bottles out, and removing the residue of crushed bananas.
It was stepped on, spit, and sat. Durable?
About my canvas handbag?
Like iron.
So the next time you have some cash to use, but have to add a designer handbag to your wardrobe, give your home jeweler a chance to show your support for good design, aesthetic and environment, and invest in a designer handbag.
You know what you think!
Vidulachopra @ yahooco.
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