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by:Bestway     2020-03-28
Luxury handbags have long been a status symbol of fashion suits.
There is no doubt that a dress with perfect style will make you notice, but it is often the handbag that makes your dress style the loudest.
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But the price of this fashion brand is very high.
Handbags from luxury brands such as Chanel, Celine and Dior will cost you thousands of dollars, while relatively affordable brands such as Alexander Wang or Philip Lim
But according to Laurin jukrovsky, the expensive wallet is worth the outfit and goes beyond the good style --
Often enter the field of investment.
\"Brands such as Chanel, Hermes and Louis Vuitton are of very high value,\" the luxury resale site-upside. ca, says.
\"The retail prices of these brands are rising every year --
Sometimes 20 per cent.
The style is quite consistent.
Designer fashion companies usually raise prices
Usually once a year, sometimes even every season.
While the exact reason behind the rate hike is undoubtedly related to business growth factors such as production costs, inflation and currency, handbag collectors often argue that, this jump is more about blocking the flow of products to the mass market and increasing the perception of exclusivity.
But for whatever reason, a price increase can be equal to a large resale value for savvy shoppers.
\"We had sellers selling Louis Vuitton they bought five to eight years ago and kept it so good that they won the fees they paid for them at the time, if not more.
Like antique cars or coins, the handbag collectors market is booming around the world.
People just need to look at lengthy discussion threads on a popular online forum called PurseForum, where shoppers discuss new designs and price increases, ask and answer questions about packages, even share details about upto-
Date store inventory and handbag supply.
If you think this is a joke, think about it: there are more than 162,793 threads in the discussion forum dedicated to sharing vintage Chanel bag information and images.
Retro designer bag is a big deal.
Canada is no exception to the growing tide of contracting.
\"We have sellers from Montreal, Saskatoon, Edmonton, Vancouver and Ontario,\" Zhukrovsky said of customers at the luxury resale site . \".
For some shoppers, selling a select designer pack through a consignment store may mean taking back some of the initial costs of their purchase.
Alex Jane, owner of Modaselle, a Yale town boutique, said: \"Luxury consignment allows customers to constantly change their look, while recovering some of the costs by selling items they no longer want . \".
If you think buying designer handbags is a luxury item reserved for super brands
You might want to think about it again.
\"Luxury consumers are not only rich people in our society,\" deputy
Gao Li International Retail Consulting president and director said.
\"People who buy luxury goods are usually ordinary consumers who treat themselves or their way of life beyond their ability.
\"Smerdon said that different groups of shoppers in the designer handbags market can mitigate the impact of economic volatility compared to other retail sectors.
\"The economic downturn will definitely affect luxury retailers,\" he explained . \"
\"But there will always be some consumers who will continue to buy luxury goods without being affected by the economic cycle.
\"But the temptation to take back some of the money spent on luxury goods in difficult times is one of the reasons why juklosi said she saw the number of people entrusted to them\" dramatically increase \"Calgary\'s famous brand goods website where is the headquarters, after provincial resources
The worst shift in the basic economy.
\"In the past six months, thousands of Albertans have lost their jobs,\" Smerdon said . \".
\"Revenue support for the energy sector during the boom (ed)
A large number of people spend a certain amount of luxury.
He explained that assets such as luxury goods could be sold in difficult times and replaced by cheaper alternatives.
But while jokrovsky says most of the shippers on her website are from Calgary, most of her Canadian shoppers are from Vancouver.
Vancouver\'s strong interest is not surprising to the industry.
\"Luxury Retail continues to grow steadily, especially in Asia and tourism segments (such as)
Vancouver, \"Michael Penalosa, head of management at Thomas consultants
In Vancouver.
\"The retail market is still polarized, the premium/luxury price point is performing well, the value-
The price remained firm.
Penalosa noted that the strong Asian influence of the Vancouver Metro and the influx of international tourists are two drivers of the growth of luxury consumption.
Big fashion brands do not lose sight of their interest in shopping.
\"Some luxury brands entered Canada for the first time (such as)
Burberry chose Vancouver first because of the large number of customers here, not because of large markets like Toronto . \"
Smerdon agrees, adding that the popularity of luxury goods is a product of population growth and consumer confidence. with a twist.
\"This luxury consumer confidence is gained through a stable economic age and a stable employment situation, strong stock market and/or growth in real estate value,\" he explained . \".
\"For luxury retail, the perception of your own wealth is more important than real wealth.
\"This growth coincides with the boom in the luxury resale industry, where consumers want to get their names --
Otherwise, they may not be able to buy branded goods at full retail prices, not just sellers who want to make money quickly.
AliceGoldbloom in Montreal-
She said she has seen significant changes in her attitude towards consignment in recent years. “Buying second-
\"Hands no longer have the same connotations or shame,\" she said . \".
\"I like to buy luxury at a lower price and make all these beautiful designer handbags at your fingertips --
No designer price tag-
For more fashionA conscious woman
\"Sellers can usually recover more than half of the purchase price on selected designer handbags, and discounts on second-hand merchandise shoppers can be 60 cents lower than the original retail price.
\"Both parties are interested in saving money before buying
\"I like it and also like to look for something unique or limited edition that may no longer be in a new collection,\" Jane said . \".
In addition to handbags, many luxury consignment shops offer a selection of designer clothing and shoe combinations --
But brands like Cartier and Tiffany insist on accessories, jewelry and watches.
Because they keep selling.
\"We found that buyers and sellers interested in designer handbags are also interested in designer jewelry, watches and other accessories,\" Jane explained . \".
For many shoppers, these luxury consignment shops have become a hot spot for trading, selling, and often trading designer goods.
Many resale shops offer trade services.
In the project, in addition to providing the percentage of various consignment payments ,-
Even in the case of Modaselle, Modaselle does not offer a consignment service, but buys the goods directly from the seller.
\"Sellers usually prefer to get the money right away rather than waiting for the item to be sold on consignment,\" Jane explained . \".
\"There are also a lot of regulations for consignment, such as if your item cannot be sold immediately, it may be sold at a discount.
He said buying goods directly is \"more transparent\" and sellers can get what they want --money —right away.
\"We found this model to be more effective for our stores, and in most cases our spending is the same or more as the consignment,\" he said . \".
But there is indeed some risk in buying a luxury handbag at the time of resale --
Mainly in terms of authenticity.
The popularity of luxury handbags has led to an increase in the number and quality of designer knocking at the dooroffs.
This is a factor that forces resale stores --and shoppers —
Extremely diligent about the origin of the items they are buying.
\"Some of the fakes that exist are amazing,\" Goldbloom said . \".
\"I think the golden rule for anyone is that if it\'s too good to be true, then it might be true.
\"It is for this reason that most luxury consignment dealers use
Internal and external experts use complex authenticity cards, serial numbers, and manufacturing detail systems to authenticate items. “We have an in-
House with multiple certified experts
\"The point check process,\" said Zhukrovsky.
\"She has more than 15 years of experience in the luxury retail market, no matter how good, nothing can surpass her.
So, what are the most worth buying handbag brands?
Chanel and Louis Vuitton bags have been popular, according to toGoldbloom.
\"Every bag on our website is available for sale, but our best sellers are always Louis Vuitton and Chanel,\" she said . \".
\"Historically, they are the most popular and popular --
Brand after bag-
Lovers and fashionistas
\"Perhaps the Holy Grail\'s handbag for collectors is wine Kelly or from anywhere between $12,000 and over $200,000.
\"Obviously it\'s a very small market,\" Goldblum said when asked how many shoppers are actually looking for packages of this specification (Lovethatbag.
Antique Hermes Kelly in Ca costs $13,000).
\"But if the money is not an end then I can totally understand why a woman wants to have Hermes Kelly or Burkin.
\"Last year, at an auction at Christie\'s in Hong Kong, a pink crocodile Birkin bag with gold hardware was sold for $223,000, breaking the world record for such an auction, according to Fortune magazine.
\"Quality and workmanship are unmatched,\" Goldbloom said of the bags . \".
\"They are handmade and very beautiful.
They will never lose value.
I told them to pack forever.
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