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real life: pink ribbon power

by:Bestway     2020-06-07
In the race to promote cancer awareness, breast cancer is not only in the lead in this field, but also in its own alliance.
The company soon connected the pink ribbon to their brand, and some of the brightest charity balls were held with fundraisers and posters girls with the disease who became the cause.
The effect is very good.
With high awareness and a major breakthrough in Ireland\'s National Breast Milk screening program and treatment, the survival rate of breast cancer in the country has risen from 74 to 74.
From 2 pc to 80 in 2001. 6pc in 2006 (
National Cancer Registry).
But what about all the other cancers that don\'t like such a high profile or such a high survival rate? For example, colon cancer kills more people than breast cancer, however, it lags behind in the risk of awareness.
Is it because the breast is sexy, the stool is not sexy, or is it because women are more willing to talk about \"breast cancer awareness campaign has been a global success 10-
\"It\'s been 12 years now,\" said Jane Curtin of the Irish Cancer Society. \"Survivors --
Most of them are women. -
Willing to share their experience and give a strong voice to the movement.
\"It also received huge corporate and community support and a wide range of celebrity endorsements from actresses, singers, fashion designers, supermodels and media figures who named the cause.
\"There is no doubt that Ronan Keating\'s celebrity status is key to the success of the Mary Keating Foundation, a charity he and his brothers and sisters founded in 1998, when their mother died of breast cancer, aged 51.
While the family\'s initial goal was to end breast cancer, it became clear soon that they needed to address other forms of disease.
This month, the focus is on raising awareness of cervical cancer through the \"pearl of wisdom\" campaign.
The \"pearl of wisdom\" that women are encouraged to share is that vaccination can prevent most cervical cancer in young women, and regular screening from 25 years old can prevent cervical cancer in adults.
In recent years, the foundation has also tried to reach male audiences.
Earlier this year, the annual men\'s talk campaign focused on prostate, testosterone and colon cancer.
In front of the late Gerry Ryan, whose father died of prostate cancer, Gerry said the death was \"unnecessary because he did not go to the doctor \".
In a radio advertisement recorded for the parade, he pointed out: \"Men are good at talking about sports, cars and children, but what about our health ? \" A spokesperson for the Mary Keating Foundation said they are working to convey information about all types of cancer, including multiple male cancers such as breast, skin, cervical and prostate cancer, and testosterone cancer.
They want the head-in-the-
The \'sand\' approach taken by so many men will be the past, and we will soon see an increase in survival rates for other cancers like breast cancer.
The five most common cancers diagnosed in 2008 are: breast cancer (2,838), prostate (2,579), bowel (2,216), lung (1,916)
And skin cancer that is broken down into melanoma, which is a more difficult form of treatment (756), and non-melanoma (7,325).
However, despite more deaths from lung and colon cancer, breast cancer is still the darling of the business world, and they accept the temptation of a pink ribbon.
Made its debut in a competition in New York City in 1991, and in the second year, the famous cosmetics giant Estee Lauder teamed up with the American Self magazine, which is intended to be a global phenomenon, the ribbon has reached international status.
Now, every October, products from designer handbags to kitchen utensils turn pink, which some observers point out is sometimes more of a marketing relationship than a charity one.
\"Breast cancer is a disease, not a marketing opportunity,\" says Jenny cerer, a breast cancer survivor who is the author of the blog, the confident cancer patient.
\"With a few exceptions, it\'s also important that companies don\'t donate their own money, and they\'re just passing on the money from their customers.
In addition, they are making money and taking a pat on the back for being a good citizen. This is wrong.
\"At the same time, other forms of disease have received relatively little or no attention at all.
Breast, lung, colon, prostate and skin cancer-
Jane Curtin of the Irish Cancer Society called it the \"big five \"---
Fighting for attention on public radar, more unremarkable cancers are barely visible --
Although hundreds of people are diagnosed with these diseases every year.
\"Unless a famous person is diagnosed, it is difficult to find a place in public awareness where cancer is head and neck, stomach cancer, liver cancer, pancreatic cancer, kidney, bladder and bone cancer, Jane said.
But efforts to raise awareness of little-known cancers may encounter surprising obstacles.
RTE recently refused to play a radio advertisement about intestinal cancer, which started with the sound of toilet flushing and the sound of inquiry, \"Do you come here often ? \" The radio station\'s Copy-cleaning committee agreed to broadcast the cleaned-up sound as an \"invasion\"
Up version, minus sound effect.
Visitors to the Irish Cancer Society website are angry.
Some commented on the association\'s Facebook page.
\"It was this voice that caught my attention,\" one netizen wrote . \"
\"Shame on you, RTE! Another wrote.
But more said they were \"shocked\" by the decision \".
A spokesman for the station replied: \"The question of taste and etiquette is subjective and RTE is reserved for its decision.
\"This is an unusual reaction from RTE,\" said Jane Curtin . \".
\"We show the sound effect because it addresses a key issue related to intestinal cancer ---
There\'s a lot of embarrassment about it--
But the longer you ignore the symptoms, the bigger the problem.
More than half of bowel cancer cases were diagnosed with advanced stage.
People are dying because of embarrassment.
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