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the best work bags for women

by:Bestway     2020-06-14
Who manages the world?
In 2017, women accounted for 47% of the total global labor force, which is expected to grow to 56% by 2024.
From home to office, from anywhere in the middle, women are constantly moving and they need tools to help them make progress in control and style.
The best work packages for women combine several key factors: they are large enough to carry a laptop, tablet, schedule, and even change clothes for the gym;
They are simple but chic and can be matched with any outfit you decide to make that day;
They were built by traveling abroad for work.
Leave at the daycare center and anything else you decide to take on.
After searching for many of the options available, we narrowed the list to five of the most women-friendly work packages in the price range of $50 to $250.
These bags are not only an affordable way to upgrade your style, but also to accompany you through the rest of your journey.
Street Level double sided faux leather tote bag and wristband
Back, the faux leather tote bag at Street Level should be a good choice
For women who need to catch and leave (
See what we did there? ).
Both black and cognac or cognac and Peach have reversible bags with matching wristbands.
The bag itself does not have any compartments but it is an affordable 2-in-
1 solution for anyone looking for no-fuss carry-all.
This two-sided imitation leather tote bag and wristband is now available for $50.
This small, structured tote bag is more suitable for carrying tablets than a laptop, and is the perfect choice to keep all items safe and organized.
Crafted in smooth vegan leather, this tote bag from Urban Originals comes with a top handle and an optional adjustable shoulder strap for ultimate flexibility.
And water-
Resistant, making it an easy choice for fair commuters-
The weather is the same as the rainy season.
This ethereal vegan leather tote now costs $90.
Market handbags are now available for $175 a day.
The Shop matt & Nat Fabi Frappe faux leather backpack is not just for kids.
A stylish collection like Matt & Nat keeps your hands free and assigns the weight of your bag on both shoulders.
Fabi Frappe is female and practical with four matte colors to choose from, closed by push
The lock is closed and there is a small zip pocket on the back which is your most valuable property. Inside, a 13-
Laptop compartment, smartphone pocket and logo-
Relief retro patch keeps all your property clean and tidy.
The Fabi Frappe faux leather backpack is now priced at $180.
You can compare this wallet to Hermione\'s pearl bag in Harry Potter.
Although it is unremarkable outside, it is full of surprises designed to please the owners and make their lives easier.
Everything from your coffee cup to your subway card has its own designated location, which means you will never lose anything in your bag again --
Well, at least you won\'t have any more excuses.
It also has four sizes and 12 colors to suit your exact preferences.
The signature tote now starts at $145.
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