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The List of Wholesale Jewelry Trade Fairs 2010

by:Bestway     2019-10-30
If you miss the most recent event and the jewelry fair is once a year or half a year, you should write down the name of the exhibition center and venue or organizer so that you can attend the next exhibition center.
We provide free details to connect buyers and sellers of fashion accessories and jewelry.
Milan-bjoros, Italy-jewellery show September 9-12, 2010, organized by Milan la Serne through Varesina 76, Mirano massev space is the fashion accessories event at Italy\'s largest exhibition venue, including fashion jewelry, silver products, handmade or national inspired works, as well as the latest contemporary gems and high-
End jewelry design.
From affordable to designer, the Milan Bijoux exhibition is the place to connect with European buyers and sellers, to wholesalers and retailers that shape fashion and jewelry trends around the world.
The jewelry industry is focused on Milan in January, but if you miss it, you may still be able to sign up for the exhibition in September.
There is nothing like the Macef center to show the glitter charm of Italian designers, and the world will not use their high
The price of clothing jewelry is affordable.
London International Jewellery exhibition September 5-8, 2010-London international jewellery exhibition
International Jewellery London
Showcasing International and British jewelry designers, a number of top-level collections are often introduced to create trends for the coming year.
Get inspiration for retail products and start forming alliances with manufacturers and designers from the UK and abroad.
Participate in or participate in educational programs offered free of charge.
Learn how to develop your business, how to recognize trends in the future, and get ideas for sales and retail through new and innovative technologies.
Whether you are looking for classic, traditional or contemporary fashion jewelry wholesale for your customers, or want to expand with those that offer wholesale vintage clothing jewelry designs, even the contact of people from China with artificial diamonds or very cheap goods, after attending this year\'s London jewelry trade event, it will be easier to contact to sell or buy wholesale clothing jewelry.
MADRID, Spain-Giggs Madrid September 8-12, 2010, Madrid, Spain, Giggs, Ibero-Giggs and bisutex get together in Madrid with only one name: Giggs Madrid.
This all-inclusive exhibition provides an opportunity for wholesalers and retailers to reach agreements in the three sometimes overlapping areas of fine jewelry, fashion jewelry and gifts.
In 4 days, there will be enough opportunities to discover the latest trends and latest designs in the Spanish jewelry market and abroad.
The Iberia Choa boutique jewelry section of Expo Hill focuses on the manufacturers, importers and designers convened by the organizer IFEMA to create a commercial collective in the exhibition hall, this will allow direct communication between distributors and those who have a point of sale for the public or retail sector.
Promotions and exhibitions are designed to stimulate business activities in the jewelry industry at home and abroad.
BISUTEX offers professionals the opportunity to explore the propositions presented by the new innovative business sector that has emerged over the past decade.
This is a cross-border growth in jewelry, textiles, accessories and fashion;
Jewelry and jewelry in clothing, shoes and other accessories (such as belts, handbags and glasses.
It\'s all about fashion and jewelry, and it\'s about trends and styles.
Sellers, producers, designers and manufacturers can present their goods here;
Here, everyone can learn about the latest trend of 2011, where buyers can buy fashion accessories and jewelry for the coming year.
Buyers from all over the world will choose the trends they will promote in Madrid, and top European designers will showcase their work and attract the world to follow in their footsteps.
The last part of the 59 International Gift Fair is about gifts, especially given Christmas and holidays.
Thousands of exhibitions will showcase their goods in 100,000 metres of space, when exhibitors will cover different areas of the gift market, including decoration and display projects in the textile and household goods industries, innovative travel products, as well as what the Spaniard calls \"Fantasia\", everything from trinkets to clothing jewelry. Charm and all the glitter but not the real gold.
In order to establish a European connection with wholesale designer clothing jewelry dealers, or vice versa, for those who are trying to sell wholesale clothing jewelry to European consumers, the Madrid International Gift Fair will be held on September.
If you can\'t go to Spain this year, put it on your calendar for next year.
Plan ahead and gain an advantage in the competition.
September 10-14, 2010 Fiera di Vicenza Spa Via dell\'oreficeria, 16-36100 Vicenza-Vicenza, ItalyThis jewelry trade show deals with gold and luxury jewellery projects.
If you have been to this trade show in the past, you may have decided that you have seen it all, but there are several events that are being combined this year, provide sellers and buyers with more wholesale and retail possibilities, first and foremost in the gold jewelry market with more than 1600 exhibitors.
There will be a section dedicated to the so-called T-
Gold is an innovative means for wholesalers, designers and manufacturers (and inventors)
Display and sell their gold production tools and machinery, new items for making gold jewelry-a new set of possibilities for trading tools.
Then, Italian fashion and jewelry will inevitably be very popular, which is called charm.
Here, from premium customization to affordable clothing, the world of glamour fashion and jewelry blends with the style of sensibility and contemporary Italian designers.
Part of the trade show, known as the \"choice\", is dedicated to becoming a gathering point for wholesale fashion apparel jewelry producers and consumers.
In addition to the product itself, international buyers can specify their specific taste here, understand the customer\'s needs and provide services.
If you are involved in the world of fashion, jewelry accessories from a retail or wholesale perspective, you need to expand your options or provide products to the Italian or European markets, you must attend the visenzoro fair.
Brand new ideas this year will help you grow and develop your business, keep up with the trend and keep your edge in this highly competitive industry. JA (
American jeweler)
New York jewellery show October 24-26, 2010 New York jewellery show February 27-20-March 1 New York Javits Center winter show this is one of the world\'s leading jewellery shows that carry the original ANRJA (
National retail jewelers in the United States)
Centuries of tradition, quality and its difference.
National Jewelry Business Network (NJN)
Create this world.
The first-class exhibition brings together the best design processes in New York and the United States, as well as nurseries for international designers, distributors, manufacturers and retailers.
It is also an opportunity to pass by with the WHO of American jewellers, who has contributed their expertise to provide education on environmental and ethical standards, and show the exhibition that 11,000 Pearl treasure merchants are members of their association.
Together with the national network of jewelers and Nielsen commercial media, the exhibition will also hold meetings for those who attend and attend, in addition, through a large network of publications, to more industry leaders, whether it\'s buyers, sellers or the public, provide media coverage of the event.
For big exposure or inspiration to enhance your experience with unique wholesale fashion jewelry, New York, USA participates in a jeweler jewelry display or in October 20-2010 or February.
Plan trends and your success ahead of time.
Bahrain Manama-jewelry Arab Middle East International jewelry and watch exhibition 19 Manama on October 26-30, 2010, BahrainThe jewelry Arab exhibition is the final and largest jewelry fair in the Middle East for 18 years, the company has been showcasing top international jewelry stores.
This is an unbeatable market for buying jewelry and meeting with private collectors who can choose high quality luxury jewelry and clocks.
Thanks to his Royal Highness Prince Khalifa bin Salman Al Khalifa of the Kingdom of Bahrain, the exhibits are extensive and come from all over the world.
Of the more than 600 registered exhibitors, there are delegates from more than 30 countries, and the entire and retail opportunities are very rich in variety.
The world of fashion jewelry and top design companies such as Cartier, De Beers, Harry Winston, and Van clafyabao\'s true gem creation is just a taste of the products offered.
But it\'s not only about top designer brands, it\'s also a place to discover unknown, unusual things, strange and wonderful works from those willing to export/import luxury goods from Brazil, India, Turkey, Thailand, Hong Kong, Germany and Italy.
Fashion Jewelry & accessories exhibition in Turkey, November 25-28, 2010-International Expo in Turkey
Whether you are attending 2010 wholesale fair of clothing jewelry or attending next year\'s exhibition, Bijoux fair in Turkey will allow you to connect with buyers and sellers from the Near East and Far East, get a lot of unusual products from Syria, Jordan, Azerbaijan, Iran and so on, Iraq, UAE, Saudi Arabia, and even businessmen from Lebanon, Morocco, Arab and Tunisian.
Have the opportunity to contact wholesalers and retailers to develop trade agreements for reasonably priced fashion necklaces, unique and ethnic fashion accessories and unusual jewelry projects with international appeal.
Other countries, such as Greece, Russia, Georgia, and even Bulgaria, often display their products at the Bijoux Expo.
July 20-23, 2010 Ifp group building, Beirut International Exhibition & leisure center, Hazmieh, this is 13 luxury Watch & Jewellery Fair organized by IFP group.
Beirut Jewellery Week and fair, known as Joaillerie Liban, offers buyers and those with import and export luxury goods a unique opportunity to market themselves to buyers.
In addition to exhibitions, wholesale sellers of clothing and jewelry and buyers, there will be a program to educate people in the industry about the latest trends and advances.
In fact, there will be a variety of seminars, jewelry shows, Gemological courses, and areas in which buyers can trade and specifically trade jewelry weekly discounted items.
If you don\'t know yet, Lebanon is one of the top five in the world producing the most jewelry.
The items to be displayed at the exhibition will include manufacturers of wholesale jewelry from gold and silver to fashion accessories and affordable clothing, which operate in half
Gems, pearls, jade and even coral.
Of course, there are high-end products such as diamonds and real gems, as well as luxury watches.
Past successes have been manifested in a long list of retailers and wholesalers who continue to come back year after year to see what\'s new and deliver their own innovations.
Holding fashion show jewelry shows at a state-of-the-art facility, buyers from the Middle East, Europe and Asia gather once a year for deals and haggling and forming alliances and partnerships, 2010 BJW and future shows will certainly be a bonus for those who bring themselves the luxury to attend.
Mumbai, Mumbai World Trade Centre, India, we provide information about this wonderful place for wholesale fashion clothing jewelry that is both cheap and fun, although the show is over 2010, you may catch up with the 2011 exhibition.
View the information of the organizer;
Introduce next year\'s trade show and Fusion Yatra.
This exhibition is a great opportunity to connect with affordable clothing and jewelry manufacturers in Asia and India.
It is also a great source for access to artwork, handmade goods, national jewelry, Indian jewelry and other handicrafts that can be retail around the world. In the higher-
End collection with some of the top exclusive rubies and pearl dealers, as well as those with unusual gold and antique jewelry for sale.
Munich, Germany-clothing, jewellery and fashion accessories fair, January 5-7, 2011/July 9-11, 2011 (biannual)
The new Munich fair, organized in conjunction with Bijoutex, CentreTrendSet hosted the international life, catering, lifestyle fair, a place where celebrities gather
Long term relationships and business alliances in many areas including the gem and jewelry industry.
Bijoutex brings top international professionals in both areas
End with jewelry for gems and accessories for cheap or stylish clothing and fashion accessories to southern Germany.
This is considered one of the most popular exhibitions.
There will be about a thousand exhibitors, mainly European manufacturers, wholesale distributors of clothing and jewelry, importers or agents dealing with European and international trade.
Whether you want to get a product or promote your product or design, Bijoutex fair/TrenSet is your ideal choice.
Some exhibitors are importers and others are exporters.
Wholesale manufacturers and retailers of clothing jewelry, and even buyers of large department stores, are placing orders for their retail chains.
If you need something or have something to offer when preparing to wear fashion jewelry, accessories or jewelry making materials, you should attend the fair next year (2011).
In 2010, some featured items include the ever popular cubic zirconia jewelry collection, plated jewelry, the latest enamel clothing accessories products, crystals and rhinestones, half at an affordable price
Precious gem jewelry and loose gems, as well as the beads and everything needed for handmade items.
Watches, hair accessories, handbags and even wallets and women\'s wallets are also represented.
In addition, scarves and small accessories are provided, usually part of the range of products that jewelry wholesale companies offer to retail customers.
Kuala Lumpur International Jewellery Show July 8-10, 2010-Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia malaysiaThis extraordinary is the only special exhibition in Malaysia to showcase the best apparel jewelry wholesalers the region has to offer to the international market.
MJIF is helping Malaysian companies at home and abroad to connect to show the world the upcoming Asian trends and the status quo of the jewelry industry.
There are a large number of gem and pearl dealers, precious metal traders, local and international designers who showcase more than 10,000 different kinds of jewelry and accessories.
In Asia, building business alliances with strangers is not always a simple thing for Westerners, that is why the pioneering efforts of the organizers of Malaysia\'s International Jewelry Fair are a very important step towards developing better East-West relations and trade partnerships.
He is the focus;
Ping importers and exporters, fashion and apparel jewelry wholesalers, Asian manufacturers, who need to obtain international distributors through retail and department stores as well as large chain stores.
The world goes to Kuala Lumpur, where you will meet people who come from more difficult areas to find things or provide goods, such as Brunei.
Manufacturers and distributors from Singapore, Thailand, mainland China, Hong Kong, the Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam also attended the exhibition.
In the exhibition held in the spring of 2010, more than 18,000 tourists visited the collection and traded.
The main products include silver ornaments, antiques and new enamel jewelry.
Crystal, Crystal, cultured and freshwater pearl jewelry and accessories are also featured.
There is also a department with jewelry Publications.
Tools and production equipment for the wholesale and manufacturing of jewelry business, and finally a variety of packaging options available for viewing.
MUMBAI, India-India international fashion jewelry & Accessories Exhibition, Mumbai Exhibition Centre, February 4-7, 2011, if you want to start this year, it is there (2011)
Get in touch with the industry\'s cheapest wholesale clothing and jewelry dealers.
The fair will provide space for about 400 exhibitors from all over India and across Asia, such as Bangkok, Singapore, Hong Kong, mainland China, South Korea and even Dubai and Afghanistan.
The pavilions will also feature Spain, Germany, the United States, Canada and Australia.
If it can only participate in an international jewelry event in 2011, make it one in Mumbai, India, as it will showcase the top trends of the year and showcase the latest innovations in jewelry making technology, and a large number of cheap jewelry and accessories buyers.
If you want a brand name, or need cheap manufactured goods such as CZ jewelry and unique silver handmade products, then you need a business center in Asia, India.
From raw materials to finished products and even the necessary machinery and packaging, India International Fashion Jewelry & Accessories Show 2011 puts everything you want under one roof.
If you need to establish a network with other jewelry professionals, raw materials or product manufacturers who provide affordable goods and deliver them to international destinations in a timely manner, or if IIFJAS is the most professional way to start a business, you can expand your brand or partner with other entrepreneurs, or just get inspiration.
Although there will be features that highlight traditional and contemporary Indian clothing and silver ornaments, there will also be a wide variety of sources to provide non-
Specific Indian goods to choose from.
Some fashion and costume jewelry will be handmade, gold plated and silver, or made in other affordable base metals.
Whether men and women jewelry, handbags, fashion silk scarf creations, wallets, wallets and other items, do not buy until you see what is available through top retailers and wholesalers in India and abroad.
Registration can be made through biztradeshows. St.
St. Petersburg, Russia-Junwex playground 103 Lombok January 2-6, 2011
St. Petersburg, Russia\'s new source for buying wholesale clothing jewelry from manufacturers in the Russian jewelry and watch industry-that\'s why San juannis
Everything is in St. Petersburg.
The timing of this fair is strategically scheduled to coincide with the latest designer series launch and the start of the buying season from abroad.
New contacts with people in the jewelry and watch industry will allow multicultural exchange of goods and ideas and provide participation for 600 Russians and foreign companies, negotiate profitable business contracts to buy and sell their unique products.
Features of the show include helping to find business partners in Russia and foreign countries, finding distribution channels that have not previously been involved, meeting with manufacturers, negotiating price points, and learning about the latest production technologies, to help reduce the cost of jewelry to a more affordable level for consumers.
The main areas of the exhibition include: 1.
Fashion jewelry and watches. diamonds3.
International trade 4
Technology in the jewelry industry. The large Lun Expo is also a great place to showcase fashion shows, auction jewellery, display equipment and jewelry creation tools, and even showcase the latest jewelry packaging options.
Some additional benefits of attending the St. Fair
In addition to having a valuable touch with apparel jewelry wholesalers, Peterborough is able to see new features of jewelry tools and gems
Cutting equipment and technology, watch a demo of items that may not be visible before.
As a final reward, the show will also offer some unique high
For many modern jewellery companies, the technical solutions of the jeweler safety system are essential.
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