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by:Bestway     2019-10-29
Georgina paiping is one of the six women Robert Picton was convicted of murder.
On 2002, friends and family commemorated her at a ceremony at the First United Church.
Ian lindsay serial killer Robert (Willie)
Six seconds in Picton-
B recently upheld the conviction of the degree of murder. C.
The Court of Appeal rejected his request for a new trial.
State prosecutors on Wednesday formally shelved murder charges in the death of 20 other women.
Picton was convicted of murder: 1.
Marnie FreyLast: August. 30, 1997-
Her chin was found outside the slaughterhouse. 2.
Georgina Faith PapinLast seen: March 1, 1999, buried in the bone of the hand near the pigsty under the slaughterhouse platform. 3.
Brenda Ann wolffist: on March 5, 1999, she saw her chin in a pile of debris in the former pigsty.
The DNA on the leather jacket in the Picton bedroom closet
DNA on Keys near handcuffs and feet cuffs (
One of them has DNA from Picton)
In the attic of the workshop4.
Andrea JoesburyLast see: June 5, 2001-
Head, hands and feet in the bucket of the workshop freezer room2. -
DNA on slaughterhouse earrings and rings-
Black nylon jacket and DNA on black leather boots in Picton\'s bedroom. -
Bathroom walls and DNA on the pillowcase in Picton laundry room. 5.
See Sereena AbotswayLast: July 18, 2001-
Head, hands and feet in the bucket of the workshop freezer room2. -
The remains of Joesbury are also in the bucket. -
In Picton\'s office, her blood is placed on a Solomon ski bag with two syringes and her DNA. -
In the ski bag, Abotsway was given a respirator, four more in the trash outside the Picton trailer, and some documents from the Canada Revenue Agency. 6.
Mona Wilson, whom I saw last time: December. 1, 2001-
There are heads, hands and feet in the bucket in the pigsty.
The DNA belonging to her and Picton is attached to. 22-
His revolver in the laundry room.
The foam mattress, bed platform and walls of the farm car House have a lot of blood.
Picton was charged with his death at 7: 7, but never tried it.
Last time I saw Diana in December. 22, 1995-
DNA on the walls of the workshop freezer
1, and on the plastic pad inside. 8.
Tanya hollyklast saw: October.
29,199 6 DNA on the wall of the workshop freezer room1. 9.
Kara Ellis\'s last appearance: January 1997-
Her DNA appeared on Picton\'s jacket and was seized by police on 1997 in a separate sexual assault case. trade worker. -
On a slaughterhouse shelf near Joesbury jewelry, a prayer card with her DNA was found, her medical appointment form, and a watch with Picton DNA.
DNA on the plastic sheet liner in the workshop freezer room1. 10.
Andrea Bowen\'s last appearance was March 10, 1997.
On 1997, DNA from Picton\'s rubber boots was seized by police in another sexual assault case. trade worker.
In a plastic grocery bag filled with other jewelry, the DNA on an earring is hidden in the floor vents in Picton\'s kitchen. 11.
Sherry Wine: March 18, 1997-
DNA on the walls of the workshop freezer1. 12.
June 15, 1997-Last appearance by Helen may Holmark
She and Picton\'s DNA were splashed in the closet door of the bedroom. -
DNA from a cowboy hat in Picton\'s bedroom closet13.
Cynthia FeliksLast saw November. 26, 1997-Her DNA (And responsible for the Hall)
In the nine packs of minced pork in the workshop freezer room1. -
DNA on the plastic sheet liner in the workshop freezer room1. 14.
John Kerry, January.
In a plastic grocery bag filled with other jewelry, a pair of earrings have 1998DNA hidden in the floor vents in Picton\'s kitchen. 15.
Last time I saw Inga: February. 26, 1998-Her DNA (
Cynthia Felix\'s)
In the nine packs of minced pork in the workshop freezer room1. -
Workshop freezer No. plastic plate liner and DNA on the wall1. -
A mass of hair in a recycled plastic bag on the slaughterhouse shelf. 16.
Sarah Devis\'s last appearance: April 13, 1998-
A white wallet in the attic of the mechanical store contains lipstick with her DNA and an old condom with Picton DNA.
Just before she went missing, a man\'s bank card was also ripped off by her in the attic. 17.
Angela JardineLast saw: November. 20, 1998-
DNA on the walls of the workshop freezer1. 18.
Jacqueline McDonald\'s last appearance: January 21, 1999-
Her blood and Picton\'s DNA on the handcuffs on the bed of Picton\'s bed-
Picton\'s bedroom closet. DNA on earrings in cartons. 19.
Tiffany Drey\'s last appearance: August. 20, 1999-
DNA from a syringe containing windshield wiper fluid found at Picton office entertainment center. 20.
Wendy Crawford\'s last appearance: November. 24, 1999-
Some of the leg bones found in a sewage pool outside the slaughterhouse have turned white. 21.
Last appearance by Jennifer Lynn: December.
At 27, her blood was stained on a brown leather jacket in Picton\'s office, a hat jumper in the laundry room, and a watch on the shelf of the slaughterhouse. -
Three points of the slaughterhouse electric reciprocating saw, including the hand guards and blood on the ropes. -
DNA on black T-
Shirts in a pile of sundries in the former pigsty. 22.
The last appearance of Debra Lynne Jones was in December.
At the foot of Picton\'s bed, a black Eddie ball wallet and a broken water pipe were found with 2000 of blood on it.
The key on the wallet was stained with her blood and opened the Surrey hotel room rented by the missing woman. 23.
Patricia Ross Johnson, last seen: February. 27, 2001-
Blood on slaughterhouse plywood
DNA on the packaging of the vibrator and the other two vibrator in Picton\'s bedroom.
DNA on the syringe outside the trailer24.
See Heather BottomleyLast: March 21, 2001-
The DNA in the bucket and the remains of Joesbury are in the workshop refrigerator. 2. -
DNA on a broken black necklace at the slaughterhouse-
There were four blood stains on the mattress on Picton\'s bed.
Picton\'s DNA is also on the same piece of cloth. -
Her identification and notebook are placed on the table next to the Picton bedroom TV. 25.
Last seen by Heather Chinnock: on April 15, 2001, the DNA in the barrel was put together with the remains of Joesbury in the workshop fridge2.
The wolf is different
She found a head ring similar to what she had in the pigsty. -
DNA from work clothes in Picton\'s bedroom closet-
DNA on silver bracelets and rings, DNA on the suede jacket in the box under the door, are all in the workshop attic. 26.
Dean Locke\'s final appearance: October. 19, 2001-
DNA on the walls of the workshop freezer1. -
Her purse was found in a pile of groceries in the old pigsty with a knotted liquid inside
Picton\'s DNA is full of condoms.
DNA on the cigarette butts, seating on the bench, steps in the car House, and her hair on the Hudson Bay blanket.
Picton was accused of killing an unidentified woman named Jane Doe, but the charges were later put on hold. 27.
What Jane Durante saw: the unknown ribs buried in the farm matched the DNA of some of the skulls found in the Mission Swamp in February. 23, 1995.
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