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tote bag

by:Bestway     2020-06-03
I made this tote bag with my two favorite stores and some of the rest I already have.
Portland\'s scrap is like the goodwill of craft enthusiasts, the Goodwill store is where they sell things by Pound, you have to dig a lot of things that are thrown into the bin but they are there.
Material list 1 large piece of sample upholstery fabric, I cut it into 12 men\'s dress shirts 1/2 \"wide\" and 23 \"long\" and I cut them off, creative for lining.
I cut a few shirts and pieced together some fabric scraps to make the lining.
I merged the shirt pocket so it could be used as the inner pocket of the tote bag.
I was very clever!
I hate the small pockets that are picky.
Use tote fabric as a size guide to make front and rear lining.
Sew one of the lining pieces to one of the short ends of the handbag fabric and the other to the other end.
Then fold in half so the lining can be stitched together.
Be careful to match the seams where the lining and the main fabric meet, so you will have a good edge when it\'s done.
I like to do this if possible because there is no manual sewing on the top edge where it is turned.
No matter how careful I am, it is clear that this is where the opening ceremony is.
Press the seam to press the seam to the main fabric.
If needed, diagonal the corner for the flat bottom.
I used the bottom fold of the Tote fabric as the middle of the bottom and then measured 1 1/2 on both sides of the fold to give it a 3 \"wide bottom.
Sew the excess fabric down.
For the lining, sew in from about 3 inch of the sides, leaving an opening in the middle and turning right.
Tilt the corners to the same width as the bottom of the tote bag and cut off the excess fabric.
Turn the bag right.
Close the lining, which will be at the bottom of the bag.
Fold the lining to the inside of the bag and press around the top edge to form a nice sharp finish, then sew around the top to keep it in place.
Cut the leather pieces to the same width and stitch them together.
I went through it a few times to make sure they could hold on.
Then I put them on the outer edge of my wallet.
The last step is to add a snapshot in the middle of it so that it doesn\'t hang open.
You have it!
* After I left I decided to do a little embroidery work on the front and it was not that easy once you started piecing things together, so I recommend doing it before adding the lining. :-)
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