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beaded bags: a little something extra for the very extra season ahead

by:Bestway     2020-06-13
Nothing can say summer 2018 like a straw bag that everyone is playing.
But if you\'re looking for equivalents for fall and winter, stop searching for antiques --
Pearl bag of inspiration.
The Lady\'s quirky accessory hangs in the arms of everyone who went in and out of fashion week last season, including Alyssa Coscarelli, Courtney Trop and Babba C Rivera.
Many influential people and editors have arrested their people from brands like \"close forever\"beat U. K. -
Shrimp, they produced several beads for the autumn and winter series.
There are also people who have gone with New York designer Susan Alexandra, who has made her fame over the past year for her delightful and Bright Pearl bags.
Summer superstar Gaia has updated their beloved wicker bag with pearl handles in the fall of 2018.
If you would like to participate in this action, please continue to scroll through the ten lovely options. \'90s-
The inspired mini backpack is back this season.
Get Stylish design in classic blackand-
This Pearl wallet comes in a white combination.
From camel coat and jeans to your favorite little black dress, it goes with everything.
Colorful pearl bag, $7999, mango.
Another trend that comes with the 2018 summer season is the transparent plastic tote bag.
The star brought this transparency into the new season.
Pearl with clear shape.
If you want to become more neutral, change the pink bag to black, or keep it minimal without insertion.
ASOSDesign beads with removable contrast bag, four square handle bag, $94. 68, asos.
This summer, the fashion girl is decorated with the Ark bag of the Cult Gaia, becoming one of the it bags of this season.
Autumn, L. A. -
The head office brand has added an oversized pearl strap to their round Luna bag, another design destined to be a hit.
God of the moon worship the shoulder bag of Gaia bamboo festival, about $287. 92 CAD, net-a-porter. comIf your go-
This is a small shiny clutch for the handbag for the holiday party, which is a perfect update.
The rainbow-colored black beads are still festive, but the design of the mini tote bag is more advanced and more convenient to carry.
Mini bag with beads for $75. 98, freepeople.
ComPink has been insisting, one season after another.
But if you don\'t like panophonic sounds like purple or neon pink, use soft pastel tones like clear beads that make up this bag.
Bag of beaded shoulder bags, $42, urbanoutfitters.
ComShrimps is known for its whimsical design, and there is no difference in this beaded bag.
Almost like a huge piece of jewelry, it\'s easy to be the focus of your outfit.
Or, go all out and pair with the larger gold accessories.
Anthony bag, shrimp, $914. 41 (
Sold for $640. 09), shopbop.
Similar design to the shrimp bag, this is the pearl bag customized for each buyer, so you can change the color of the satin lining.
Luxury blue pearl bag for $196. 85, etsy. caThis candy-
The colorful bag is named after Alexandra\'s sister, who loves fudge and should be shaped like a fancy cocktail Cup.
FYI: all of her bags are handmade with over 1,500 beads, so it may take eight weeks to complete the order.
Janie bag, about $412.
Month CAD, susanalexandra.
This wallet is lined with a zipper and is one of the more functional beads bags on the market.
Add some texture with jeans and a suit jacket, or come with a floral dress to give your outfit an edge.
Shoulder bag with Topshop metal beads, $75. 56, nordstrom.
This bright bag will definitely work if you want to make a statement.
Go to monochrome, go with a purple dress or make it a popular color for neutral clothing.
A mini-shopper with beads worth $49. 90, zara.
Mackinnes is from Toronto-
Writers and Editors loved by lipstick, jumpsuit and dogs.
Follow her on Instagram @ tara_macinnis.
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