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diy scrap leather projects

by:Bestway     2020-04-16
Leather crafts is one of the coolest crafts.
I\'m not an expert but so far I really like all the leather crafts I make.
Since I am a beginner, I always leave a lot of scrap leather after finishing each leather project.
But in the end, I came up with the idea of a simple leather process and was able to use these scrap leather at the end.
I have only shared 7 scrap leather items here and have a look at them and let me know if you have any more ideas!
To make these items you need: you can make a zipper extension using a small strip.
The length shall be at least 8 cm (
Or, extend as long as you wish)
And width 0. 25 cm.
You can cut and manage the strips as you like, but keep the measurement results in mind.
The strap is inserted into the leather sleeve with an inner zipper hole.
Fix the ends of the strip together and start inserting the beads.
Insert any number of beads, but I think 3-
5 beads look better.
Make a knot at the end of the strap.
Keep the 1 cm strap and trim it extra.
You can make a zipper with scrap leather pieces.
No problem grabbing the zipper!
Our girls often relax our lives. Eyeliner-kajal caps.
Without the lid, the perfectly sharp padding will get dirty.
Collect all the supplies and let\'s solve the problem!
You can also make these hats with used imitation leather or imitation leather.
As shown in the figure, place the pencil on the scrapped rexine.
Fold the rexine/leather and wrap the pencil to ensure that the two sides are in contact with each other.
Mark the required quantity of rexine/leather with a pencil and ruler.
Cut out the desired part and cut out the scallop pattern in the center of its top.
Fold the work in half and mark a border along the opening to make sure you stitch neatly along this line.
The width of the border should not exceed 1 cm.
Sew needles along the border with flat blankets to fix the folds.
Start stitching from any side and I start at the bottom.
Stitch all the way to the other end.
After reaching the other end, tie 2 tight knots and trim the extra lines. Done!
It takes less than 5 minutes to make one!
You can also make simple gift labels with scrap leather.
Adjust and cut the scrap leather pieces into good shape and punch holes at the top of the gift label.
Draw the label pattern on the cut-out leather piece.
Carefully cut the label along the pattern.
Apply a thin layer of glue to the bottom of the label.
Sprinkle dry flash powder in a sticky place.
Let the glue dry.
After the glue is dry, remove the extra flash.
Connect a rope through the hole and the label is ready!
These leather bracelets do not require much leather.
You can do it with scrap leather strips.
The link to the tutorial is as follows-
Fantastic woven bracelet and leather wrap bracelet. Leather Charm-
1: fold the leather strip in half.
Make a summary near the closed end and be sure to keep a circle.
Start wearing straps at the open end.
You want as much as you want, but remember to keep enough straps at the end to make another knot.
After finishing the beads, make another knot at the end.
The knot should be adjacent to the last bead. Leather Charm-
2: a piece of 4X6 cm leather should work for this one.
Mark a line to keep 1 cm of the cut out leather intact.
Cut fine or even striped on leather. Take a 0.
5X8 cm leather.
Fold it in half and insert the wood beads into the folded leather strip.
Apply glue along the full part of the edge leather.
As shown in the figure, place the bead leather strip with the tassel leather piece.
By keeping the bead leather strip safe in the roll, start rolling the tassel leather.
After you finish the roll of the leather, fix the roll using the cloakholder until the glue dries. Take a 1 X 3.
5 cm leather, colored with gold paint.
Stick it to the top of the leather tassel as shown.
Let the glue dry.
Attach the tassel by looping with a key chain.
You can also use these as the charm of your wallet, bag, mobile phone or key --chain.
You can also use 2-
In order to make this bag, 3 inch pieces of leather are left.
I did this to save the coins and I will do another one for my flash drive.
Anyway, you need to cut 4 small leather pieces.
There are 2 parts of the same size in the body part, 1 in the closure and 1 in the flap.
Put the body blocks together, their wrong faces facing each other, and the right side facing the outside.
As you can see in the 2nd photos of the first collage, place the closed bar at the top.
Place them on the board and stitch them along the side manufacturing holes.
Prepare your needles and lines, make flat blanket stitching along the side, and connect body parts and closing devices together.
Knot at the end and cut off the extra line.
Put the flap in the center of the width.
Simply do cross stitch to connect the flaps with a bag.
Bags are ready!
You can make mini bags and small bags with scrap leather.
The best way to use the smallest scrap leather is to make these simple jewelry.
You can make these cute and simple earrings and rings in a small piece of leather.
Adjust the leather and cut it into beautiful shape, I used the square, the five-pointed and the triangle and it looks good too.
Apply glue on the leather piece, you can keep the pattern of the glue, or simply apply glue on the leather piece.
Sprinkle dry flash powder in the adhesive area to let the glue dry.
After the glue is dry, remove the extra flash.
Simply stick a blank ear with glue
Make a top or blank ring of jewelry.
Thanks for reading my article.
Like to do some!
You need a template for the key chain.
Place the template on the leather and track the sides.
Fold the leather in half and cut it according to the template.
Bring a key ring large enough to connect the leather fob with it.
Insert the cut piece of leather into the ring with its wrong face facing up and bring it to the middle.
Apply the glue evenly to any side of the wrong side.
Bring the other side and connect it with the bonded part.
Press the folded part to make sure it sticks well.
We will stitch around its borders.
Mark the sewing thread with a pencil.
Put the fob on the board.
Hole with awl and hammer.
Punching is easier to stitch.
Prepare needle and thread.
Start stitching from any side.
I had a few stitches.
Stitch all the way to the other side.
Tie the Knot and cut off the extra lines. Cute and simple!
You can make more interesting and interesting patterns. Enjoy!
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