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how to make a canvas bag you can color on

by:Bestway     2020-03-06
We all have a \"inner child\", which is probably one of the reasons why adult coloring books have become so popular recently.
Not only are they considered therapeutic, they also remind us of our childhood.
No matter what appeal you have to color books, here\'s an idea that\'s not only interesting but practical. Pre-
Iron the canvas bag to remove any wrinkles or wrinkles.
Insert a piece of cardboard into the bag as a firm surface of the painting.
Use a pencil to outline your design directly on the canvas bag, and when satisfied with the creation, track it on the pencil mark with a permanent mark.
Keep the design simple and clean.
Optional: profile drawing using fabric paint.
Let the paint dry and then color it with fabric marks.
Or ,(
Or use a piece of art)
On the fabric transfer paper.
Bypass the image and transfer the image to the bag as per the packing instructions.
Place the image on canvas bag and iron as indicated.
Once the bag cools down, you can use the fabric marker to color it as you wish.
Now you have turned an ordinary canvas bag into a beautiful hand painted canvas.
These beautiful patterns can also be used in T-
Shirt, do a relaxing afternoon craft activity with the kids.
Also, they will come up with a great gift idea!
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