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laptop bags go chic! - times of india

by:Bestway     2020-03-21
For many young professionals, work means a serious attitude towards the workplace.
With this mindset, clothing, gadgets and accessories are beginning to look dull and monotonous.
For young people in your heart, there are many choices that will allow you to improve your way of working.
Your boss is still serious.
A person no longer needs to suppress his/her style in order to support a straight man
Office fashion.
By keeping the office fresh and stylish, adding color, playing with a few accessories and keeping the look of the office.
Let\'s start with the laptop bag.
The average proportion of offices is 90
People who go will choose to use pure black leather bags.
However, some people may choose a tote bag with a pocket part for the laptop.
But do you know there are some very popular colors for laptop bags?
Choose the tone you like and match your dress.
The laptop bag now also has polyester.
You can personalize it by choosing the look of the cover.
You can keep this hand, too. help or across-the-
Shoulder option to carry this bag on.
Don\'t forget to have a power cord with a pocket.
Not only can the mobile phone bag make your mobile phone scratch
For free, they can also add a bit of energy and style to your overall look.
The best option is custom pouch.
Choose to show a photo of your child or a photo of your pet, or even your favorite vacation spot, or choose the oriental style, which is your choice.
The mobile phone bag can be hung around the neck or in your hand.
No matter which way you choose to carry your phone, with a little customization, you will definitely turn people to watch the phone, or we can say it\'s a mobile phone user.
For music lovers, the ipod can now remain unscratched on the cover of the ipod sock.
They are soft, different in color and convenient.
They can also help keep it wet.
If you like to use a leather bag, choose a bright color.
This is for women.
Because they have a mini world in their handbag, their laptop bag can also be converted into a small cosmetic bag or book holder.
Women can choose bags that combine fashion with functionality.
Buy a stylish and compact bag that provides enough space for your makeup, phone, PDA and power cord.
Thin quilting, hiding a thick layer of foam and a strong elastic band to ensure the safety of the laptop.
This is what BT calls a utilitarian fashion.
Here are some guidelines that look elegant: Color plays an important role in a professional image.
The traditional professional color is suitable for trousers and skirts.
The sloppy handbag looks very sloppy.
Choose a structured style that highlights an organized image.
But avoid professional killers.
Unlike fashion faux pas, professional killer clothing and accessories can do permanent damage to your professional image.
To the extent your office allows, play the colors, add some accessories, and maintain your professional look by keeping the office fresh and stylish.
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