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plastic bag wig with two looks

by:Bestway     2020-06-16
A good way to use extra plastic bags, this is definitely a topic of conversation.
The wig also comes with two \"embedded\" looks: the Dutch crown is the two braids of the line above the bangs, fixed with clips to keep them in place.
Amy Winehouse is a hive where the hair sweeps over the shoulders first and we will do the whole wig and then I will look into how to do both. Happy making!
Le Sha plastic bag 1 foam head 1 fake hair hat or woven hat (
I used at least 20)
1 Marker1 Scissors Needle Thread 1 cut mat1 Exacto knife or Clipper 4 Pushpins1 keychain holder 1 Horseshoe-
Wire of about 4 inch high shape with seam
The able loop on each end1 plug-in wire, about 5 inch long with sew-
The hoop at the other end and the pocket at the other end are used as anchors, at least 10 inch long, and then sealed in a loop wig: plastic pigtails, feathers, Carnival beads, 1 Bobby pinglai wig or knit hat on foam head.
I marked my hat with lines, about 1 inch apart, as a guide to the upcoming wefts.
Your base is a horseshoe, latch, key chain clip, and anchor braid.
They came to see it twice later and should have put their hair on from time to time.
The Horseshoe Block will be the top of the honeycomb, so it should be placed at the top of the head, and the lock block should be placed below the head so that when the block locks each other, the honeycomb has a frame, hair can be cascading above.
See my picture for instructions on placement and demo on your head before sewing.
The keychain clip is Dutch crown braids and should be sewn right above the neck.
The anchor braids should be sewn to the bottom, right or left of the wig so that the hair can be swept in.
There are two braids on the Dutch crown, so I chose to make them with special dark blue and black plastic.
Make sure there is a complete loop at the end of each braid.
Attach the Dutch crown braid directly to the neck under the keychain clip.
Here you are making plastic parts that will be the hair of the wig, so choose your color.
I chose all the blue bags but could mix the plastic bags at will depending on the color and weight of the plastic.
I found that the easiest and cleanest way is to fold the plastic bag neatly, pin its edges tightly on the cutting board, and then cut thin, even use a quick knife from the bottom of the bag to the top/handle area.
You will leave about half an inch of space at the bottom of the bag so that the bag will remain in one piece.
You will sew this buffer on the fake cap.
The end of the bag handle needs to be cut off so that plastic hair can be shaken freely, not cycled.
To maximize efficiency, I layered 4 to 5 bags neatly and nailed them all together to cut multiple bags at a time.
Start with the lower back of the neck and sew the wefts on the hat.
Depending on the final volume you want, you can change the weight and density of the wefts.
I used 1 bag per weft and separated the weft by about 1 to 2 inch.
Sew the weft directly into the wig with a needle and thread, but before adding additional knots, it will make your stitches slightly loose.
You need some relaxation to open and close the wig on the foam head and put the wig on your own, so it is highly recommended to stitch flexibility.
The tight needle will make the wig tight!
Continue to sew from the nape at the neck, position all of them to stretch from the left side at the back of the head to the right, and all of the plastic hair flows down.
You may want to use the entire wefts (
Full length at the bottom of the Wefts plastic bag)
Or cut them in half so you can strategically cover certain areas.
When you reach the top of your head, you should start fishing so that they cross the top of your head from the right ear to the left ear, not parallel to the ground.
You will soon bury the pin wire behind the horseshoe wire.
Before the horseshoe, sew about 2 to 3 inch more nets, all of which still extend down from the forehead to the neck.
Now the Horseshoe will be buried in the hair.
With a bare cap with a small gap left, you can now sew a long weft for the bangs.
Previously, all plastic hair flowed down from the top of the head, while this weft flowed straight down in front of the face.
I made this work 3 bags thickness to increase the volume and cover the front of the fake hair cap.
For extra fantasy, try to cover the edge of your back
There are flowing debris on the top of the bangs weft yarn, so there is no obvious seam.
Try putting on a wig now and see where you want to cut Liu Hai.
You will want to leave enough length to cover the edge of the fake hair cap, but not your eyes.
I left mine aside.
I randomly put a few plastic pigtails and Carnival beads necklaces on the wig.
Wrap the bobby pin firmly in a piece of plastic hair and let it hang.
It will be buried in most of the hair, but the look of the Dutch crown and Amy Winehouse needs it. Voila!
The wig is complete, so try it on and make any adjustments you want.
Trim your hair, take out wefts or add them, etc.
To make this look like, dig out two special Dutch crown braids and cross the seams between the bangs and the rest of the wefts.
Clip the end of the braid with a keychain clip.
You can leave the rest of your hair or wrap it up.
Wrap it up, pull most of the hair aside and twist it.
Then, curl your twisted hair in the back of your head with a heavy bun and pin.
You are Princess Nordic fairy now!
Collect some flowers as bouquets.
Separate the bangs and parts parallel to the Horseshoe.
Set the honeycomb bump by lifting the Horseshoe Block and connecting the latch so that it stays.
Now pull large pieces of hair together with any other part onto the bump and make a beautiful hive.
Use the hanging bobby pin to secure the hair behind the bump.
Finally, sweep the rest of the hair over one shoulder and cross the anchor braids.
You are now a singer of color fans!
They will try to get you to the rehab but don\'t go, go, go. . .
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